And Thus, I Hit Three With One Swing

Just as I was getting my swagger back, and feeling the itch to write again, I get bad news.  Today, the WoW Blog-o-Sphere seems very much smaller to me. I know Jong retired once before, but this time it sounds very much for real.  He put his toon on “Non-Raid” status in his guild. I … Continue reading

The AH/JC Experiment – Patch 3.3x & Beyond

…can be summed up in one phrase – “If you want it, you are going to have to dig for it.” The JC Market as of late has been stale.  I have to take care and post only one of any type of gem, because both rarely ever sale if I post two.  The blue-quality … Continue reading

Shall Her Wrath Always Be Of The Bestial Kind…

Alright, alright, mind’s out of the gutter’s people. Just wanted to pop in and wave a fond farewell to fellow blogger Pike, of Aspect of the Hare. She was a great blogger, and one of the ones who inspired me to start this blog.  So, its a bit bittersweet for me. Farewell Pike!  May you … Continue reading

L2Ret – The Cold Hard Truth About Diminishing Returns

Wait…  What? I thought diminishing returns was something only tanks had to deal with? Well, yes and no. As a game mechanic, yes, tanks are the famous ones, but they are not the only ones.  Ever heard of a haste “soft cap”?  That is a diminished return as well, if you use haste past the … Continue reading

A Discourse On Questing – Part 2 – In Search Of Punctuation

As we all know, questing is an integral part of any toon’s life.  It is the vast majority of what you do, in order for your character to gain power (Lvl up).  The first time you log on to any new character, you are parked right next to a starting questgiver, and the standard yellow … Continue reading

The Epic Pally Finally Got Something….

Everyone who has been around the blog-o-sphere lately, I am sure has noticed the predominance of FailPug stories.  Not only because of the new LFG finder, but because it is a shared topic on “Blog Azeroth.” Everyone enjoys a FailPug story as the next person, but rather than posting another rant, I’d post a fun … Continue reading

A Ret Paladin’s Guide To DK DPS (Blood)

I have been spending a lot of time on my DK lately, and since it is the toon most likely to be an alt at 80, (since it starts out at 50 instead of 0), I thought I would post a bit of info on DK DPS.  Because the world is full of fail DK’s, … Continue reading

Check… Then Check Again.

My fellow retadins – if you are using a gear ranking system – like RAWR or, always, always, check and double check your gearchoices. I say this for two reasons. First off, and RAWR is better at this than most, socket bonuses, and set bonuses are usually NOT calculated when ranking your gear.  I … Continue reading

Of Writers Block, Busy Days, and Ensidi-ous Endeavours

I’m sure that you all have noticed I have been posting a lot less lately.  I know, I know.  I feel sad for my poor little blog. Unfortunately, its been a combination of a few things, namely, it is so dammed busy at work, that I don’t hardly get to take a full lunch hour … Continue reading

Quick PSA on Endgame Weaps

For those of you who are looking around at endgame weapons from lichiepoo, just a quick PSA about the two top 10 man raiding weapons for Ret Pallies – Quel’Delar (might of the faithful, of course.  Don’t dare let me catch you with the Agil iteration of that beautiful sword), and Warmace of Menethil: The … Continue reading