A Discourse on Questing – Part 1

James Cameron’s Avatar – It has raked in more than 2 billion dollars world wide, making it the highest grossing film in history.  Up for 9 Oscars, it is probably the most successful film to completely disappoint me.

Yes, people, that is right.  I really didn’t enjoy the movie.

Don’t get me wrong, the movie was absolutely stunning.  The problem, in my eyes at least, is that the entire movie was booked, built, and pitched around the graphics, and not the story.  Yup, thats the way I felt about the movie.  It was a VERY expensive piece of eye-candy.  Thats it.

Ohh, somewhere in there is a story about humans being greedy, nature hating bastards, as well as impossibly against the odds love, but it really was just lost.  The story did not draw me in.  Hell, not 6 months earlier there was a similar movie, The Battle For Terra, that just about completely flopped.  Completely un-note worthy in every way.  It was the same basic premise – humans are bastards and come to take over a planet, unrequited and impossible love, etc, etc, etc…  What separates the two?  Could it simply be just graphics?  If Battle for Terra had a few hundred more million dollars, would it have had the success that Avatar had?  Is it just the name “James Cameron” attached to the movie that made it skyrocket?

It couldn’t possibly be *just* graphics.  The storyline was at least noticed by some people – The Vatican is all up in arms, claiming, “It is bogged down by spiritualism and the worship of nature.”

It happened just so that I was in the final throes of completing Loremaster for my main toon at the same time that I got to see Avatar, and it got me thinking.  What in the world causes some of us to be completely immersed in some things, and not in others?  Why are movies so insanely captivating, when the person watching it simply does nothing but let the story be told.  Yet, here we are in WoW, a toon of our own, fighting the evils of our own little storybook world, and we are not as completely immersed?

Well, it all really boils down to questing.  Questing is the bread and butter of the game.  From the moment you first see Elwynn for the first time, you are drawn in to those little yellow punctuation marks.  Its trained and bred into you, as a player, from the first time you log in.  Sure, there are a few cutscenes, but by and large, its questing all the way.

Join me, fair readers, over the next few weeks, as I take a look into questing, and how it shapes our gameplay.  Because, after all, this is a discourse (Conversation, for those of you who do not know how to use a dictionary – YAY for new vocabulary!!!!).

*Writers Note/Disclaimer:  I am in no way affiliated with any entity which created, published, or distributed Avatar, and am not receiveing any compensation whatsoever for mentioning it. For details on copyrights, publishing, and other legaleese, please visit this site.  Also, any sites that are quoted from, links are provided in the body of the text.


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