Quick PSA on Endgame Weaps

For those of you who are looking around at endgame weapons from lichiepoo, just a quick PSA about the two top 10 man raiding weapons for Ret Pallies – Quel’Delar (might of the faithful, of course.  Don’t dare let me catch you with the Agil iteration of that beautiful sword), and Warmace of Menethil:

The actual *top* weapon is Quel’Delar.  If you have your hands on this weapon, and exclusively raid 10 mans, then gratz to you.  However, doing the math out, Warmace is only 50DPS (yes, that is right, just 50) behind Quel’Delar.  Basically the ArPen of Warmace FAR outweighs the bit of Extra STR that you get (for ret at least).  However, that being said, you really arent going to miss the 50 DPS points, when you are pulling 5-7k DPS anyway.

So, if you, like me prefer to have a mace strapped to your back, instead of a sword – and your guild has no other use for the mace, instead of sharding it, you might just want to roll on that baby.  Quel’Delar is completely epic, and an awesome sword.  But for me, I prefer to have a big ass mace.  There is just something about a paladin from an RP perspective, that it just seems wrong for a pally to be hulking around a sword.  Hey, you might even swap back and forth 🙂  Plus, the artwork on that mace is really not all that bad.


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