Of Writers Block, Busy Days, and Ensidi-ous Endeavours

I’m sure that you all have noticed I have been posting a lot less lately.  I know, I know.  I feel sad for my poor little blog. Unfortunately, its been a combination of a few things, namely, it is so dammed busy at work, that I don’t hardly get to take a full lunch hour anymore, and its gogogogogogoogogogo (you know, the standard heroic faire now-adays), from the moment I walk in.  Which leads me to be a bit… exhausted…  when I get home.  So when I get home, all I pretty much want to do is relax, watch a movie, play WoW, you know, unwind.

Plus, I have been suffering from a bit of…  I guess you could call it writers block, but it really isn’t.  I have a big outline of a ton of Blog posts I want to do, and I know (generally) what I want to say in each of them.  I am the type of writer that basically word-vomits onto the page, and then cleans it all up, organizing it, making it readable and understandable (and hopefully enjoyable).  The problem, as of late, hasn’t really been traditional writers block, I know what I want to say.  The problem is that everytime I sit down to write, the words start coming out, and it feels forced.  Like trying to stab your brain with a rusty needle.  Reading the words on the page that I have written, it sounds in my head like nails on the chalkboard.  As such, I have thrown no less than 10 (maybe closer to 15) drafts away, just completely destroyed them.  I’ll get through it, and the content will be awesome (I hope).  I am just the type of person that can’t write under duress, and right now, it feels like that to me.  So bear with me.  My muse will be back (and is, in the case of the questing series that I am doing, I’m totally psyched about that).

Now on to the news of the week, of course.  Apparently Ensidia was stripped of their world first kill of LK 25 man because they used a bug to defeat him.  Im hazy on the details (because I really don’t want to spoil the fight) [Gentle reminder, please do not post spoilers on this site].  But apparently Saronite Bombs bug (or did bug, before the hotfix) out the encounter making it WAY easier to do.

I posted my thoughts on Larisa’s site (there simply isn’t a better place around azeroth to pull up next to a cozy fire and have a pint), but I will re-iterate them here.

If, and only if, they were completely unaware that the encounter was bugging out, then I really think that Blizz should reset the instance for them, and make them go for it again.  They won’t be world first anymore, but they can really push for second.

However, that being said, we know that they completed the encounter on 10 man.  They know what it should be like.  Apparently the bug effects a major mechanic of the fight.  Since they were familliar with the fight from 10 man, they should have known something was wrong in 25.  We know they have a direct line to blizz offices (while not explicitly stated, it has been hinted at many times), they could have wiped, phoned in, and had the go ahead or stop order confirmed in under 15 mins.  That, and the fact that they absolutely refuse to release the chat logs, really points to the fact that they knew what was going on.  They shouldn’t have been surprised that they were going to get called out, and nailed for it.  Hell, they were the ones who called out the Yogg+0 bug, causing that guild (sorry, I forget the name) to get banned, and stripped.

So, for that reason, I really have absolutely NO sympathy for them.  Come on guys, you are a top raiding guild.  Prove to the community that you DESERVE to be there.  I really hate to quote someone who also did something bad, but in one of her articles Ferarro had said of WoW classic (lvl 60) raiding, “It was the times of true kings and queens.  We were at the top of the ladder, and we knew it.”  I would link the actual passage, but I cannot find it.  I think she deleted it, back during the whole scandal.  In any event, the gist of the whole article was that back then, top raiders did not treat people like garbage, being leetist pricks.  They were courteous and generous.  I have no way of verifying that, I came in WoW during the late-stage of BC.  But it does feel a bit nostalgic, and I honestly think that top end guilds should at least present themselves as such, even if they are stuck up leetist assholes.


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