Check… Then Check Again.

My fellow retadins – if you are using a gear ranking system – like RAWR or, always, always, check and double check your gearchoices.

I say this for two reasons.

First off, and RAWR is better at this than most, socket bonuses, and set bonuses are usually NOT calculated when ranking your gear.  I am sure by now that many of you have a few pieces of Frost and T10 gear.  For Ret, the 2 set bonus is a big dps jump.  However, in most every slot, you are going to come by gear that is *technically* better than the tier piece.  But don’t break up the set.  The bonus is just too good, and is not included in the calculations.

Also, watch your hit and expertise caps.  Max DPS is absolutely horrid at this.  It will recommend an upgrade that will take you out of hit or expertise cap.  And then when you re-input your stats, re-recommend the piece that you just replaced.

My point here is that you need to be mindful of your gear choices.  Sure, you are already at hit cap, and the hands give you another 18 hit.  Technically, that 18 hit is absolutely useless.  But taking that upgrade over one that will put you 50 under the hit cap (and subsequently requiring you to regem and rechant to loose a lot of STR or AP), it might not be worth it.  Remember, the logic of the spreadsheet/gear ranker is only as good as the logic of the programmer.  Use your head.

As far as the 2 set piece for T10 goes, just horde your emblems.  The first wing (Storming the Citadel) of ICC has a LOT of good upgrades in the same spots.  If you are lucky enough to get your gloves upgraded, save your emblems for your shoulders, or chest.  And vice versa.  I was lucky enough to get a chest upgrade, so my pants are the next to be upgraded, in place of the chest.  AFTER you have upgraded your other pieces, then start breaking up better upgrades for your 4 set bonus – AFTER, not before.  And BTW – the frost trinket isn’t all that *bad* for a ret, especially if you were unlucky with drops in Ulduar and ToC.  I still have the mirror, and the frost trink will replace it.  Yes, I know.  Behind the times.  But dammit, lady RNG was just not impressed with me.  She is a fickle lady.


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