The Epic Pally Finally Got Something….

Everyone who has been around the blog-o-sphere lately, I am sure has noticed the predominance of FailPug stories.  Not only because of the new LFG finder, but because it is a shared topic on “Blog Azeroth.”

Everyone enjoys a FailPug story as the next person, but rather than posting another rant, I’d post a fun story today.

As I was getting ready to log for the night last night, I was, as I always do, taking stock of my toon.  Gems posted…  JC daily done… Random heroic done…  Oh hey, I have 79 badges of frost, those legs aren’t far off, are they?

Then I saw popping up into trade chat, “Need 2 DPS for quick VoA 25 – only doing new boss – PST.”  I had enough time before I needed to log for the night, for at least a few attempts, so I wrote back to the sender, hoping that I could be quick enough.

Let me preface this by saying, Muradin is full of plate DPS.  I mean, like totally bogged down.  Ret paladins, warriors, and DK’s especially easily outnumber any other class and spec.  In fact, in most pugs, between 30-40% of DPS is plate.  If you pug, you have to actively ask for ranged dps.  Not to mention that there are a TON of fail pallys out there.  Ret’s on our servers are usally tanks or healers who have gone DPS because they want a change of pace.  As such, they really don’t know how to *play* the spec.  They can faceroll, but not really pull out the DPS.  So if you want to get into pugs as a plate dps, you have to distinguish yourself from the pack.

So with all of that in mind, I quickly whispered the person, “Epic Pally DPS LFG 25M VoA.”  I got an LoL back.  I didn’t think that I was going to make it in, so I went back to banking, trying to find cheap ore, and such.  A minute later, I had an invite, summons, buffed, ready to go.

Before the first pull, however, the raid leader totally called me out – “Firespirit is Epic DPS.  Lets see how uber leet he is, everyone reset their recount before pulling.”

Ohh lord.  Now I have the weight of the word “Epic” over my DPS recount.

It was quickly broken, though, by seeing that the raid was primarily being composed of one of my buddy’s guilds.  He promptly responded, “Holy hell, Fire is here.   Ladies and gents, we are about to get something done in here.”  Knowing him, this was actually a compliment, and not a quick jab.

Taking quick stock of my group and buffs, I noticed that we basically had one mage, one druid, a metric ton of DK’s and hunters, and three Ret pallies.  That was it for DPS.  So much for group comp, right?

Anyway, we pulled, and I totally ignored recount.  When I really want to hammer out DPS, I can’t watch it.

The group only lost one person (bad timing on whiteout, and orb placement, meant he just kinda went SPLAT), and no wipes, and Toravon hit the dirt.

Cheers errupted, apparently they had tried this a few times before loosing a few people, and had to repug.

I looked at the loot, and holy hell, there was a set of Tier gloves for me!  WOOT!  Now to just win the roll.

While other loot was doled out, I did look at recount.  7k.  I was actually a bit dissapointed.  Especially for being in 25 man buffs – even though it was not an ideal group by far.  No matter, I was #2 on the recount meeter, with all of the top 4 dps (a rogue, hunter, and a boomykin) all being within 25 DPS of each other (the top DPS actually beat me by 6).

Finally the Raid Warning came out to roll on the gloves.  I patiently waited for the other ret’s to roll on it.

An 11  came out first.  I wasn’t going to jump in glee though, we still had a second roller, and I am notorious for choking on rolls.

Then…   an 18.

Ok Fire, this is your chance.  Dont screw up.  You know you have at least a 19 in you.

To say that my tension was palpable was an understatement.  Even my cranky tank sister, who was off writing her book, had come over to my desk to see if I would win.  You see, I have never won anything out of VoA.  For all the times I have run it, only badges drop for me.  So much so that after I replace my pants and gloves, I just stop running it.  Its discouraging for me, and the extra two badges dont really make up for it.


“Firespirit has rolled a 55”


I finally get my gloves, and my 2 set bonus is complete.

As the raid lead loots the items to me, she says across raid warning “Gratz epic pally!”

And at just that moment, I had realized what my problem with my DPS was.  I had forgotten to flask.

I was so happy, that I didnt even try to be modest, I typed out “That was without a flask, too.”

If we were on vent, I am sure my speakers would have broke from the outcry of laughter.  But instead, the entire raid screen went orange with LOL’s.

I /flex and took the nearby mage portal to dal to get everything chanted and gemmed up.

And so ended my night.  The epic pally finally got a piece of loot from VoA.

3 Responses to “The Epic Pally Finally Got Something….”
  1. Yarsh says:

    Grats On the Loot

  2. Elyndynne says:

    Okay, I’m bored at work again. A nice Valentine’s Day present from Blizz, you finally can roll! Epic pally, lol, hilarious.

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