And Thus, I Hit Three With One Swing

Just as I was getting my swagger back, and feeling the itch to write again, I get bad news.  Today, the WoW Blog-o-Sphere seems very much smaller to me.

I know Jong retired once before, but this time it sounds very much for real.  He put his toon on “Non-Raid” status in his guild.

I wrote about Aspect of the Hare yesterday.

Suicidal Zebra just closed his doors as well.  One of the brightest stars in the paladin community has just dimmed considerably.

All three of these writers, in no small part, inspired me to create this blog.  If anyone of them were to feel the need to write anything, I would be happy to host many, many guest posts.

All of this, of course, fuels my desire to continue blogging, and bringing you great content.  I think my muse has been singing in my ear again, because I have several scraps that I just started today, waiting to be filled up into full-fledged posts.


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