Boss Spotlight: Lord Marrowgar

Welcome back, ladies and gents, to Boss Spotlight!  This time, we will be looking at the first boss of Icecrown Citadel, Lord Marrowgar. Lord Marrowgar is, undeniably, a “readyness” check for Icecrown Citadel.  This boss is largely harder than most of the bosses in the first wing, save for Deathbringer (the fourth).  There is a … Continue reading

I’m Baaaaack!

Sorry for the radio silence. I had a week-long business trip, and with everything going on, I just wasn’t able to get on to post a message before getting out. In any event, a couple of things to chat about before moving on. First, and foremost, we downed blood princes, finally.  It was a BLAST … Continue reading

On Silence, Rattling Cages, and Loudness… All At The Same Time

I am sure, most of you have heard of the drama that hit Single Abstract Noun by now.  And because of that, I will not reiterate it here, nor provide links to those sites that were involved/have propigated the issue.  I will not cause this drama to go on further than it has to.  This … Continue reading

The Day of the Whiny Post

Klepsacovic declared it national whiny post day today.  And far be it from me to go against the grain. Larisa touched on the loneliness aspect of gameplay today, and Spinks wrote about progression raiding, and the likeness to work. By sheer coincidence I am going to whine about both. I mentioned in a recent post … Continue reading

Walls Are Meant To Be Scaled

7 Weeks in the making. The most progression ever spent on a single boss. In-numerable wipes. It was a moment of excitement, but yet moreso relief. Last night my guild FINALLY took down Rotface. We were one of the leading 10 man raids on our server when ICC first came out – one of only … Continue reading

AHHH! Real Monsters…..

Ok, I admit.  Thats a silly title.  Normally I try and title my posts something clever, but since today’s topics are scattered and random, I am going to make the title just as scattered and random as the subject material 🙂 – I cannot believe it has been nearly 10 days since I wrote a … Continue reading

Cataclysmic Previews – The Stats Are Changing

We interrupt the regularly scheduled post for the following preview of Cataclysm Stats… Yes, the big news that hit yesterday was the cataclysm stat changes incoming.  Read on, and lets take a look how it is going to change Ret and how it works. Stamina –  Expect to see a LOT more of it.  The … Continue reading