AHHH! Real Monsters…..

Ok, I admit.  Thats a silly title.  Normally I try and title my posts something clever, but since today’s topics are scattered and random, I am going to make the title just as scattered and random as the subject material 🙂

– I cannot believe it has been nearly 10 days since I wrote a blog post.  It really does sadden me.  I hate to sound like a broken record, but I have been terribly busy.  And I refuse to let this blog become a second job.  I blog because I love it.  Because I love the community, because I love the subject material (ok, that last one, I dont always *love* the topics, but I do feel passionately enough about them to care, even if it causes me to loathe my own keyboard, and want to sanitize it afterwords).  Part of the breakdown in my blogging has been because I have pretty much lost the time I normally do my blogging to other ventures.  And it feels out of place to blog  in a different place/time.  So I just have to figure out where/when it best suits me.  But the blogging will continue, I assure you.  I am still here, still lurking around, still reading, and still not commenting.

TJ did a wonderful weeklong series of posts entitled “Becoming People Who Comment.”  I think I will talk to her about porting them over here.  I really did love it.  And yes, comments are important to the blogger.  Its like crack.  We always need more.  Ok, bad example.   But we do love comments.  Its kind of like stroking their ego, and who doesn’t like that?

Tam recently ran into a spot of trouble with her guild.  Apparently, it was because her blog, Righteous Orbs, was unbeknownst to the leadership of her guild.  And she had been discussing/ranting about the guild/guild leadership, and they took offense to it. So she felt the need to do a clean slate transfer – transfer servers, change toon names, just to get away from that guild and establish anonymity again.

This, naturally, brings into the eyes of everyone who read the post, how blogging can effect a guild.  Do I continue ranting?  Do I stay silent, like nothing is happening?  The answer is an individual choice, but varies from blogger to blogger.  Larisa, for example, follows her own “Code of Conduct” that she wrote up when she started the blog.  I sort of touched on this, way back when I started as well.  But I think it has come the time to reiterate the code.

Bloggers are a strange sort.  I think Ixobelle said it the best – We are internet superstars only in our own mind.  We all blog for different reasons, but we all believe that, somewhere, way in the darkest corners of Azeroth, someone is reading this.  And that someone is, hopefully, going to look at us (as a whole, you know, the blog-o-sphere) for advice/guidance.

For that reason, Light’s Fury (at least while I own the blog) *will not* shy away from writing about guild drama. That being said, I think I do have enough tact to know when/when not to write about a specific instance.  I will continue to use my best judgement to identify situations that are too personal/too derogatory/too negative to write about.  In all cases, I will NOT name names.  I think naming and shaming is a power that bloggers continue to take for granted.  As such, unless the person consents, a “filler” name will be placed.

I will continue to be open, and honest, about my blogging.  I am fortunate to have a GM that reads, and several guildies.  If at any time they feel that my writing has crossed the line, they are free to contact me immediately, and I will be happy to pull said article off the blog pending further review.  If said review determines that the article is fine, it will be re-published.  If the article needs to be tweaked, I will do my best to tweak it to all parties satisfaction.  However, in all instances, ultimately this is my blog, and I will publish if I want to (sorry, couldn’t help myself).  I daresay that my GM would agree, and I don’t ever expect to post something so controversial.

No half truths, or downright lies, will ever be posted intentionally.  I will be glad to edit any entry on my blog if there is such a falsity.  Simply contact me either through comments, or the “about me” page.

I will not ever, intentionally (though I think that is a feeble excuse for those who do it) plagiarize.  I value my work, and I am sure that other people do as well.  If you have come across an article/part of an article you feel I have plagiarized, and you are the owner of said material that was copied, please send me an e-mail via the “About Me” page immediately.  I will be happy to look at the source.  If it is indeed plagiarism I will be happy to remove it/re write it.

So that is my “code of conduct” of sorts.  I think I am going to add it to the top of the page, on a tab.

– I joined Single Abstract Noun on Argent Dawn.  It is a guild that is for Bloggers and the Blogging Community.  I highly encourage you, if you are reading, to pop on by.  Invites are free, anyone can join. Bring one alt, bring two alts, bring your main.  We don’t care!  The guild is one of the biggest riots I have ever had the pleasure to be a part of.  The people are great.

– Our guild raid team looks like it is going to have a few holes in it, for various reasons (upcoming article!).  They are going to be filled by people that have been wanting to raid for a while.  I am sure they will be ecstatic when I send out the messages.  We will still have a DPS rotation, but the rotation will be a lot tighter, and I think it will be better than Juggling what we have been for the last 3 months.

– On that note, our guild is stuck on Rotface.   We have made some really good progress over the last few weeks.  Our best attempt was under 20%.  Its just such a chaotic fight (and we tend to have the HORRID luck, always having the healers getting slimed), that we actually started running, for that fight at least, a 4 healer set up.  Since DPS is not usually a problem, its just survivability.  We always do very well, right up until about 35% where things just start to fall apart.  I am confident that we will get him down though.  Part of the problem is our core raid group has had trouble all being online for the fight.  For the past few weeks we have been shuffling people around because one or two cant make it, and one of our tanks is having some major computer issues.  I hope we can get it sorted out soon.

– On one more note, we were able to go into Ulduar and play around with some hard modes – a first for our guild.  We only worked on FL, but we all had a blast.  Even the person who normally complains about wiping with no progress…  He was having a blast, giggling, laughing, and having a good ole time.  We got within 1.7% of FL+4.  I think the last 5% we all held our breath.  It was a complete blast.  Ill post up a boss strat, at least how we were trying it, a bit later.

– On even one more note, since I will be bringing in and training some new raiders, I should actually post boss strats for ICC, you know, true boss strats.  Those will be incoming soon too.

– Final note, I swear.  We have all kind of came to the conclusion that Tankspot is the death of our raid.  Don’t get me wrong, I love tankspot.  Its a great resource to learn tactics on bosses, and see the encounters.   But I swear, every single time we follow tankspot’s strat, we always wipe.  We usually have to tweak it in some strange way or another for it to work for our guild.  However, our guild is the type that once we get something down, we rarely ever wipe on it again, unless, you know, outlying circumstances, or just goofing off.  So I cant wait for rotface to hit the dirt dammit.   Because I will enjoy just pummeling him every week

– Last Note….

Just kidding!  Just kidding!

Gosh, it feels good to be writing again 🙂

5 Responses to “AHHH! Real Monsters…..”
  1. Vulpina says:

    Tam at Righteous Orbs is a guy. 😉

  2. Ophelie says:

    We’ve missed ya!

    I loved TJ’s series on becoming people who comment. Actually, I never wouldn’t have gotten over all my hangups about commenting if it wasn’t for that series.

    Rotface seems to be a roadblock for a lot of guilds. The part after 35% tends to be sloppy for most raid teams. There’s not a whole lot to do about it besides blow all cooldowns and hope for the best.

    Good luck on Rotface and your hardmodes!

    (I’m jealous about your Ulduar hardmodes, whenever my guild runs them, it’s at weird hours where I’m not available.)

  3. Tam says:

    Good code of conduct – I think the problem is that individuals are always borderline likely to interpret anything you say in the worst possible light. I mean, I thought I was bitching about situation, somebody thought I was bitching about him BOOM. And actually you can’t easily find the line whereby something situational is or is not something personal, since people are involved in situations.

    Ho hum.

    We live, we learn…*trudge*

  4. Imhoughtep says:

    So is that first part the preface to much guild drama posting? What have you all been doing while I have been away?

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