Walls Are Meant To Be Scaled

7 Weeks in the making.

The most progression ever spent on a single boss.

In-numerable wipes.

It was a moment of excitement, but yet moreso relief.

Last night my guild FINALLY took down Rotface.

We were one of the leading 10 man raids on our server when ICC first came out – one of only 50 guilds that started ICC when it opened the first week.  Hovering around the 30/40th ranking is a HUGE accomplishment for us during those first few weeks, especially since we only raid 4-5 hours a week and are super UBER casual about it.

Morrwogar hit the dirt, and soon after Deathwhisper and Gunship.  We had one extra night of attempts on Saurfang, and only a few attempts at Fester before he went down.

But Rotface was a different story.  From the moment we hit him, it was total chaos.  Our first attempt didnt even break down the 90% mark.  Second and third were not much better.

The problem was the total and complete chaos.  Do this, watch that, dont forget the slimes.  For some reason it just was not clicking for the raid.

We tried following the Tankspot strat, and in classic Knights of the Forgotten style, that just ended with a dirt nap…

Then we started changing things up.  And we got further.  Week two brought frustration, when we barely got him past 80%.

Week three was better, and saw a glimmer of hope – more because I added a fourth healer, and dropped out one of the DPS.  we saw the 60% mark!!!

Week four was rife with anticipation, and ultimately, a let down that we couldnt get past 60%.

Week five, due to raid swaps and such, we didn’t even get to see him.

Week six we got our normal raiders back, and resigned determination was in for us all.  After spending 2.5 hours in one day alone on rot, we got him down to the 35% territory, and were just ELATED to have some progress.

It was cautionary optimism when we went into the raid last night.  Everyone had been researching, looking for anything that we were missing to get him down.

And because I am a gracious man, I will give credit to the person who actually found it (Even though he constantly makes fun of me 🙂 – Our bear tank, Mawl (terrible name, isn’t it?  You should see his hair, or even better, hear him pronounce mage over vent – think Maj – like maj-ician).

You see, when we had the three healer setup, we often waited to cleanse the infected person until they were out of the group.  We didnt want the slime in the group causing all of the AOE damage.  But if you actually look at the infection, it does something silly like 4k damage per second to the infected person, and reduces all healing on that person by 50%.  It quickly makes that person become a heal sink (or dead).

Well, if we immediately, or nearly immediately, cleanse, its actually not so bad.  Healing becomes MUCH more manageable.

Now, that is not to say that all of our work up to this point was for naught.  We still learned how to wrangle the slimes, and such.  But, I will be candid here, healing was always the problem, and we couldn’t see the underlying issue as to why healing was just so frantic.  The answer is, that the infected person was requiring so much heals, they became a heal-sink, and raid was not getting heals.  And once the raid got bad enough, it because a  frantic race to get them back up, to the detriment of the person with the infection.  It was a vicious cycle.

I think I was the only one who cheered over vent, everyone else was just relieved.

Our raid has the glorious ability to put things on farm, usually after the first kill.  Let’s hope rotface is the same way.  I don’t want to wipe to him anymore.

2 Responses to “Walls Are Meant To Be Scaled”
  1. Tam says:

    Oh my God, congratulations! Rotface is an exciting but extremely punishing fight.

    Um, do you have a regular disc priest by any chance? Does wonders for the slimed-person. Basically, bubble, renew, POM, while somebody else de-diseases, and they should be back up to full health in no time. Basically a single disc priest should be able to do this at least until the dreaded final third with very little trouble. And then it’s all hands on deck, obviously 😛

    • Firespirit says:

      Hehe, thanks tam. It was very exciting for me.

      And, no. Unfortunately, no. We don’t have a regular disc priest. Though we do have a regular holy, and he is judicious in the use of his bubble.

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