I’m Baaaaack!

Sorry for the radio silence.

I had a week-long business trip, and with everything going on, I just wasn’t able to get on to post a message before getting out.

In any event, a couple of things to chat about before moving on.

First, and foremost, we downed blood princes, finally.  It was a BLAST learning that fight.  We had to go with a 3 tank setup, because we don’t have a lock tank, and no one really pvp’s (so no high resillience gear).  Some measure of this fight is about luck, a LOT of this fight is about communication, and positioning.  After a bit of wiping learning movement, and gimmicks, we actually hit the enrage timer.  The next boss we just hammered hard during the first empowerment.  After a count of 3, we let everything go, hit heroism, and just stood and fought.  20% on that one phase really set the tone for the rest of that fight, and we were able to get him down.

The only problem we really had was aggro issues on the shadow orb guy.  Our DK tank was so busy gathering orbs (and he is freaking fantastic at it, btw), he wasn’t generating aggro, so it usually meant melee dps got splat.  We solved this by having him gather some rediculous amount of orbs, like 5 or 6, and then just turn and tank the boss normally.  D&D, and all that.  No AoE on that boss, pallies.  You’ll rip the orbs off of the tank.

In other news, I was outed.  In the office.  You know, that I play WoW.   Some interesting things have happened, and I am thinking that this might turn out to be a couple of hilarious posts.  I’ve never been secretive about playing WoW, but it never really comes  up at work, ya know?  So now they know.  Let’s see what happens, LOL!

Finally, for the Monday update, while I was away on the business trip, I did get a chance to meet with a couple of guildies, and raiders.  And you know what?  It was a BLAST!  We went out and had dinner, and they showed me around the city a bit.  Couldn’t have had a better evening if I won a million dollars.  We are actually now planning another trip and meetup!

Anyway, that is it for now.  I have a few drafts I will try to cleanup to post.  Normal posting to resume later this week.


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