Boss Spotlight: Lord Marrowgar

Welcome back, ladies and gents, to Boss Spotlight!  This time, we will be looking at the first boss of Icecrown Citadel, Lord Marrowgar.

Lord Marrowgar is, undeniably, a “readyness” check for Icecrown Citadel.  This boss is largely harder than most of the bosses in the first wing, save for Deathbringer (the fourth).  There is a little bit of everything in this fight for everyone.  However, most groups will have no trouble, and consider this boss highly puggable.

Boss concepts:

  • Heals, Heals, I Need Heals!
  • RUN RUN OMFG RUN *weap*

The Explanation:

Marrowgar is going to test your raid, right from the get go.  If you are not ready to be in ICC, then Morrowgar will tell you.

Marrowgar is a two phase fight.  There is no enrage.  He will simply swap from phase one to phase two, and back again until he, or your raid, are dead.

Entering the dungeon from the arrow on the diagram, Marrowgar is the red spot.  The room is circular (actually more oval, but stick with me here).

Starting the fight is simple, just run up to him.  Tanks (2 for 10 man) should keep him positioned away from the raid.  The rest of the raid (save hunters who have to be at a casting distance) should tuck up under his hiney, just inside of his selection box (if you click on him, the circular “selection box” that shadows under him).

Phase One

Phase one is marked by three significant things.  First and foremost, three times during the phase (10 normal) someone (at random) will get spiked.  We have noticed that tanks to do not get spiked, but I think it is just our random luck, not neccesarily the design of the encounter.  Spiked persons will be completely disabled (they are freaking impaled on a 10 foot spike, what the hell do you want them to do?).  Spiked persons will also take 10% of their maximum health as damage for the entire duration they are spiked.  As such, it is CRITICAL that you get these spikes down NAO.  If it so happens that your DPS is utter fail, then the priority should be Tanks > Heals > DPS.  If you stack under his hiney, your melee will be able to turn and easily help on the spikes, rather than being lame ducks, running back and forth from the boss to the spikes.

The second ability is coldflame.  This is a randomly targeted stream of flames about 3 yards in width, 50 yards in length.  It will slowly crawl, in a straight line from the boss, to whatever person is targeted.  A simple sidestep will get you out of harms way.  However, it does significant amount of frostfire damage, so if you are standing in it, your healers will hate you for all eternity.  And you will die.  So MOVE THE F*** OUT OF THE BAD ™. However, if you are in the selection box, the coldflame will start outside of the box, and not even hit you (only the huntards, LOL).

Finally, the boss will do a “Sabre Lash.”  It is a high damage move that will one shot lesser geared tanks.  However, the damage is split between the tank and his (or her) closest ally.  This makes the healing bearable.  Well, at least until that second tank goes down, then it starts hitting your first tank, and one shotting your melee.  So don’t lose your second tank.

After three people have been impaled (on normal 10 man), he will move into Phase Two.

Phase Two

Phase two is a unique bugger.  The boss will completely dis-assemble (or transform, for you transformer nuts), and whirlwind.  The whirlwind damage is raid wide.  HOWEVER, it is based on proximity to the boss itself.  The closer you are the more damage you take.  So during this fight, the best thing to do is to scatter (thats a first!!!!).

During the whirlwind, he will put out more frostfire than normal.  Also during this time, he will randomly pick three people on which he parks his ass on.  The big thing about this is not the whirlwind damage, but rather all of the fire he will put out.  It is imperative to get out of the fire as quickly as possible, but because he is basically ON YOUR FACE, there is going to be a lot of it.  Usually you will have to run a good 2 seconds before you find an empty patch of ground.

He will then transition to phase one, and the process repeat’s itself.

The biggest mistakes I see is people getting lost and panicking in the chaos.  Keep it together and its easy purple lewtz for you.

Alternative Strat:

Everyone spreads out, and only the ranged dps the spikes.  Melee will never step out of the selection box.

The Finer Points:

Holy Pallies:

Holy Pallies are, of course, going to be on the tanks.  Unless you extremely undergear the instance, Sabre Lash should be nothing you can’t handle on your own, and help out with the raid (who should only be taking damage from spikes, if they move from the flames properly).

The challenge for you is going to be phase two.  Beacon yourself, and heal everyone around you.  Even though raid heals are not your forte, this should still not be too hard for you to help out with.

Prot Pallies:

Tanks, Tanks, Tanks.  Make sure you are in communication with your healers.  Again, unless you severely undergear the content, this shouldn’t be too hard.  If you see your healers starting to get strained, coordinate your cooldowns with them.

The only time you should really have to deal with flames is in phase two.  Positioning is going to be tricky during phase two.  If you have a straggler running around the back, and Marrowgar decides to sit on his face, it is entirely possible to incorrectly position Marrowgar to the raid.

Other than that, Tank, Spank, and pick up your purple lewtz.

Ret Pallies:

Ahh, to the fun part of the group.

Ret’s, this is where you should shine.  You do competitive DPS, you have a TON of tools in your toolbox, go to work.

If you go with the standard way, just nestle up and hammer on the boss.  The bone spikes will take collateral damage from your AOE, so you shouldn’t have to turn to burn them down (again, unless you are woefully bad off with gear).  Just hammer the boss, and let the spikes fall.

The biggest challenge you will have is keeping your SoV stacks up during Phase 2.  The best way to do this is to pop Sacred Shield on yourself, and then just run and smack the boss.   You should only have to do it once (twice, if your swing timer is way off), so don’t make your healers hate you.

Also during the second phase, you can help mitigate and heal damage with your FoL and SS.  Use them well.  Now is the time, as well, to use your Hand of Salvation on your highest threat DPSer, if you need to.


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