Housekeeping, Hopes, and April 16!!!

Alright, for those of you with feedreaders, I hope I havent been pinging you too badly.  I have been cleaning house in L2Ret, some things that have been bothering me for a while (type-o’s and such).

However, there is one significant change.  For you min-maxers out there, you might try activating your meta gem, in a specific slot, in T10, to allow you to gain a ton more strength.  Check out the stats and gems superpost for details.


So the Dev’s have announced their class preview dates.   Paladins are the last on the list, because we are heavy on development right now.

And thats a good sign.

Paladins, especially ret, got a MAJOR overhaul in LK, and are in a very good place right now.  There are things that can be improved, of course, but all in all we are doing well.

As always, stay tuned for the latest breakdown on how this will be effecting our favorite class 🙂


My one hope for our design is that the dev’s change our mastery stat.  If you look at the screens from blizzcon, our mastery is going to be reduced cooldown time.  I will go into more detail, in a later post (before our design featurette hits the interwebs).  But what about you, what are your hopes for the paladin class?  Free and open commenting is welcome, and I will include it in my writeup of future hopes for the class.


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