How One Person Influenced My Blogging – And I Liked It

As most of you know, I started off strong, blogging about this and that, and everything.  But I soon slowed.  I hit the inevitable “new blogger syndrome,” where it just felt like I didn’t know where blogging was going to take me.  I hit a funk.  I seriously thought about quitting.

But, as I struggled to keep going, I felt like the quality of my posting had taken a nose dive, as well.  And I didn’t want that.  It was a vicious cycle leading to fewer and fewer posts.

But taking a look back, I evaluated what I was writing.  I was writing, what was tantamount to, short essays.  And that is completely fine.  But it is a TON of work.  Its not just writing it, its research.  And I fully intend on continuing that.  But that is not ALL I am going to post anymore.  And that has helped me out of the funk.

But ya know what really helped?  None other than Cranky Healer herself.

You see, one day, I realized that I was getting trackbacks from her site.  I investigated, because I had not found her lovely site yet.  And there, I found where they were coming from.  Cranky had made one of the largest collection of bloggers there for resources for her guildies.  And under Ret, I found my blog with a tag “Ret Theory.”  And I had not thought of myself like that before.  I guess, in retrospect, that is exactly what I do.  I am not a number cruncher.  I *can* and do do it for my own toon.   But I think it is terribly boring, and would be terribly boring to read about it.  So I post the theory about how to do it.

At that moment I realized two things.  This is my blog, and I am always going to write what I want, mean, like etc…   But its also the internet’s, yours.  No matter what I think about my blog, what I want it to be, what I want it to look like.  Ultimately, it is the reader, you, who determines what it is on an individual level. It entirely changed my perspective on how I blog.

One person’s writing can effect another person.  I am glad in this case it was a very positive way.

Thanks Cranky!

One Response to “How One Person Influenced My Blogging – And I Liked It”
  1. zelmaru says:

    Hugs!!! Glad you like the resource guides, and I’ll keep adding your stuff, of course 🙂

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