Cataclysm and The “Lost Effect” (Part 1)

Wrath of the Lich King has been wildly successful, no one can really doubt that.  With patch 3.0 (the one before the actual release, but but into place the “systems” of LK), there was a defining turning point.  The game was new, and exciting again.  The promise of many new things to many new people caused people to come in DROVES back to the game.  Heck, I remember for 3 weeks after launch my little lowly server had a 40 minute que to get in!!!!

But now that LK is winding down its time to have a bit of retrospective so that we can look to the future.

It is no secret to my guildies that I am a HUGE “Lost” fan.  For those of you who are unfamilliar with it, it is a show that was debuted during the heyday of “Survivor” as a sort of scripted version of that show.  And it was wildly successful.  The first two seasons, if I remember correctly, shattered just about every record there was to shatter.  And even after that it continued to be very popular.  That is, until Season 3.  Season 3 was nothing other than a complete screwup by the network that makes it.

You see, Lost is the type of program that must be seen, in order, to make sense.  There is a lot going on, across several main characters (at one point, I think 9 main characters were in a given hour at one point).  But ABC screwed up the production schedule and, much to everyone’s dismay, displayed The first 5 episodes in October/November, then finished the season in February.  This severely broke up the storyline, and the numbers showed.  Upon its return it had the lowest raitings it had ever had.  It effected the network so much that they slashed the next season’s episodes by a third.

And that is what I am fearing is happening to WoW right now.

It’s no secret that we are in a lul right now.  I think everyone has felt it.  LK HM was downed already (three weeks ago?).  And while just a fraction of the playerbase has yet to even get to lich king, much less down him, there is a definite staleness in the air.  And while Cataclysm is technically *not* behind Lich King in terms of development (the beta for LK started in July or so of last year), players are looking at the next 8 months or so of a game that has no more content.

OK, well that last one is a lie *technically*.  Ruby sanctum is going to be released sometime soon, and we still have the World Event leading up to Cataclysm yet, but because LK is such a big lore figure in terms of Warcraft in general, he is seen as the pinnacle of the expansion.  Anything after him is not really going to matter much, even if it is part of Cataclysm’s launch event.

I think part of the problem lies in Activision.  Yes, I said it.  Yes, I know people have said over and over again that Activision is “Hands Off” of blizz.  But I don’t see it.  Activision really wanted to push Blizz for an “expansion a year” cycle.  And thus content was cropped (look at Argent Tourney – reused models, one room raid, etc….), corners are cut, and now that the expansion has given everything it has to give…   We are looking at an 8 month hole.

Tobold mentioned it the other day, and I have to agree with him.  WoW is losing Sub’s because right now, the only thing to really look forward to is Cataclysm.  And that is a whole 8 billing cycles ahead of where we are.    Don’t you think that some people are thinking they can trim off a few cycles before cataclysm and not really miss anything?

(forgot to add the legal disclaimer)

As you all know, I am in no way affiliated or receiving any compensation, monetary or otherwise, from NBC, Lost, or any of its employees or affiliates.  Hell, I think ABC might even be happy if I didnt associate it with WoW.

One Response to “Cataclysm and The “Lost Effect” (Part 1)”
  1. Dave says:

    I agree that Lich King is winding down, and that’s how it should be. If you’re getting bored with the game it’s a good idea to cancel the subscription and wait for the next expansion. You’ll probably enjoy it more when you come back to it. Plus, you can use the time to do something useful with your life!

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