Building A Better Raid – Decisions

Internets, last weekend was a not so good time for me. Unfortunately, there is a specific subset of guildies that have been feeling upset for a while. And apparently, last weekend was when they had felt they wanted to voice it once and for all. Which is fine. The part I a so upset over is the fact that I didn’t see it coming.

I mean, I like to think of myself as the “people guy” so to speak. I chat with as many people as I possibly can, get to truly know the guildies I share a large part of my discretionary time with. But I didn’t see this one coming.

I’m going to try and sum it all up in this statement: People are feeling hurt over our raiding team.

That is simplifying it probably far too much. People are hurt for varying reasons and to varying degrees, so don’t pull too much on that one statement. Leave it to my need to convey a message to my larger set of readers (all five of them).

In any event, last night I called an officer meeting to deal with the issue. But that is neither here nor there and I will discuss that in a future post.

The point of telling you all of this was not to be long winded (though if any of my relatives had a say I’m sure they would tell you I could power a hot air ballooon), but rather as an introduction to a series of posts that I will be making along these lines: building better raids. One of the things that was expressed was the need for resources, so while I will be making these for my guildies, I will also be using them as posts here. Any input you have is more than welcome.

Anyway, way way back when I set out to reform the raid after mine had blown up, the first thing I had to do was sit down and make some decisions.  And there were lots to be made.  How were we going to advertise it for signups?  What instances do we do?  etc. on down the line.

But the very first decision that I had to make was “What do we want to get out of the raid?”

That one question is far more important that you can realize.

Do you want to be cutting edge progression?  Do you want to be a group of friends that get together for something to do on a sunday night?  Do you want to goof off?  Do you want to see content?  Hardmodes?

Every one of those questions, as any raid lead will tell you, is a very different beast.  And its something you should discuss with your core raid group.

I won’t go into the specifics of each different option there, but I will say this – If you don’t make the decision, your raid will implode with different expectations from each raider.

3 Responses to “Building A Better Raid – Decisions”
  1. Pilfkin says:

    “Do you want to be cutting edge progression? Do you want to be a group of friends that get together for something to do on a sunday night? Do you want to goof off? Do you want to see content? Hardmodes?”

    In my past experience of officer-dom and raid leading this is the question that needs to be answered first. Because if you have 10 or 25 people in a raid each one may assume that their answer to the above question(s) is what everyone else thinks. It also sets the tone for the raid etc etc. You don’t need me to say this when you’re planning a string of posts about this.

    So, I hope that you’re ok and there wasn’t much _kaboom_ whilst you got things sorted. And I hope that everything shakes down too.

  2. zelmaru says:

    I’ll be interested to see how this turns out. We recently had a bunch of people leave over raiding, and I can honestly say that not a single officer, raid leader, or anyone with the power to make changes had a freakin clue that most of them were unhappy to the point of leaving.

    People are responsible for their own action or INACTION. I’m sure that the people who are upset with the raiding program have been upset for a long damn time and it’s been festering. I’m sure they want changes NOW because they’ve suffered with the old system long enough. But that’s THEIR FAULT for not telling you. You don’t read minds.

    They can’t get what they want unless they tell you what they want. You need to remind them of this. In order to make a decision about the direction of the raids, you need to know WHAT THEY WANT, or at least how many people want outcome A, how many people want outcome B, and how many people want outcome C. If they can’t tell you that, it’s their own damn fault if things don’t turn out as they want. Just like the dude who didn’t vote can’t complain about who the prez is.

    In other words, this isn’t your JOB to decide. It’s only your job to figure out what THEY want and implement it. And if they don’t tell you what they want, then they’re not doing THEIR job.

  3. HP says:

    It is the hardest to manage a “casual” guild. At least with a purely social or a purely hardcore guild, people seem to not let their egos get away with it because there are clear black/white areas of social and hardcore. For casual guilds, they are treading on shades of gray and that is why you have such a headache right now.

    I agree with Pilfkin, you need to determine what you want the atmosphere of the guild to be so you can act accordingly.

    Good luck, I think you will need it – being GM/officer is hard work =T

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