Cataclysm Raid & Emblem Changes, WOOT!

Alright so, good news is that Cataclysm releases have spun up into high gear over the last few days.

Lets examine them a little bit.

First off, let’s take a look at the Emblem changes.  Down and dirty:

  • emblems changed to “points”
  • 4 types of emblems – 2 for pve, 2 for pvp
  • each emblem type is tiered, one being “higher” than the other
  • the highest tier in pvp and pve will have maximum limits

All I can say is THANK GOD.  This takes out the confusion and juggling of all the different emblem types.

The second thing this really accomplishes is reduces the amount of heroics that you will be farming.  The highest tier will be most like frost emblems, where you get them from the current tier of raiding.  If you get enough to hit cap during your weekly raid… GREAT.  No more heroics for you.  If you have to fill it in with one or two heroics with your raiding, then you won’t fall behind.

This change is welcome from just about everyone.

The second announcement is a bit more controversial:

  • 10 and 25 man raids will share the same raid lockout
  • 10 and 25 man raids will have the same gear
  • 25 man raids will have a higher droprate to compensate for the higher difficulty

Pretty much, this throws up into question the existence of 25 man raid.   Will it survive?  This has been discussed ad nauseum on other sites, so I wont really get too much into it.  But I do want to share something with everyone.

Below is an excerpt from Sichas’ blog (of ensidia fame):

QQ: So I’m wasting my time doing 25m modes when people doing 10m modes are getting the same exact gear?

QQbuprofen: If you choose to look at it that way.  People who have a heart for 25m will play 25m, and 10m likewise.  I hate 25m raids.  I like getting to know who I’m raiding with and having conversations with them while playing.  Our guild’s 25m has a lot of people I don’t particularly care for, and it’s a running joke amongst raiders that as far as input goes for ICC, the suggestion box is at the door.  You know those big blue braziers?  Pick one and throw your suggestion in it, because that’s how much the raid leader wants to hear it.  So I’d rather get a 10m together.  But to each his own, and 25m raiding is still alive.

I just want you to read this whole answer.  Because this is what is going to determine wether X-Pack #4 is going to have 25 man raids or not.

I have long spoke out against the disparity of loot.  I hate it.

But are you having fun?  Why in the world would you be doing something that you hate, just for better loot?  Fire is nearly completely a 10 man raider.  I can’t stand 25’s, just like Sichas.  They are far to sterile for me.   Currently, I only do 25’s if for somereason I need to do a weekly where I am saved on 10 mans.  I have run 25 VoA once or twice (even have the gloves from it), but by and large, I am a 10 man strict raider.

The big question in my mind right now is “Why is blizzard using loot to artificially prop up a raid model that no one loves?”  I think this expansion is going to really show the numbers.  I wouldn’t be surprised at all if 25 man raids died in cataclysm.  And you know what?   I don’t think that I would be sad either.

4 Responses to “Cataclysm Raid & Emblem Changes, WOOT!”
  1. Tom says:

    The big question in my mind right now is “Why is blizzard using loot to artificially prop up a raid model that no one loves?”

    ^ one of the dumbest thing’s I’ve ever read. Why on earth would you assume everyone dislikes it just because you do? Lots of us have tons of fun with our 25 man raids and have no problems talking to each other and having fun while doing it.

    Loot doesn’t artificially ‘prop up’ 25 mans any more than loot props up anything else. If heroics gave loot on par with 10 mans and everyone stopped bothering with the 10 mans, would you say “oh well I guess no one actually enjoyed 10 mans, they were artificially propped up with loot better than heroics!”?

    • Firespirit says:

      It’s easy when we disagree with another person to flat out say “thats the dumbest, thats the stupidest, thats the most rediculous, etc…” But a smarter thing to do is present evidence that supports your point, or disagree on an “opinion” level – “I just feel this is wrong.” Heck if you feel something, who am I to tell you that you are wrong?

      In any event, the simple fact of the matter is that loot has propped up 25 man’s through all of wrath. 25’s get better loot, better quality trinkets, better everything. 10 man’s get just enough gear to get by, adding to the whole “25 mans are where the real raiders are” syndrome.

      Right now there is all kinds of chatter around the blog-o-sphere about this. And by and large there are two camps:

      1 – LOVE the change
      2- Dislike the change, and think this will be the death blow to 25’s

      And I have to ask, why would it kill 25’s? If people truly love doing something they will continue to do it no matter how hard it is. I personally love boxing. I love it. But it is HARD. Really hard. Holding 14/16 oz gloves on your hands, all while moving, punching, fighting… It is HARD. After about 30 minutes of this intense workout, it becomes pure willpower to keep moving. And you HAVE to or you get clobbered. Lord knows I could spend that time easily on a treadmill and get the same workout. But I continue to box. It is HARD, but I love it. So I do it.

      And I guess what I didn’t get across effectively is that I DON’T want this to be the death blow to 25’s. *I* don’t care for them, but a lot of people LOVE the epic feel of them. And I am completely OK with that. But at the end of the day, blizz is STILL propping up 25’s with increased loot drops. They too are afraid that 25’s would die off if they didnt do something.

      And yes, If heroics came around with better loot than 10 man’s, and 10 man’s died out, then I would say that no one enjoyed 10 man raiding. Again, I go back to the statement that if you truly enjoy something, you are going to do it no matter how hard it is.

  2. Tom says:

    That is ignorant of reality. People go where the loot is, on the path of least resistance. Not everyone, but close enough.

    BTW I didnt just say it was dumb and leave it at that. I did explain my opinion.

    • Firespirit says:


      I am split right now on wether or not to reply to you.

      On the surface, you look like you could have some interesting counter points to me. The fact that you asked me to think about comparing 5 man heroics to 10 man raiding is interesting (though not valid, in my view).

      But at the same time you come back and say harsh things like “that’s one of the dumbest thing’s I have heard” and “That is ignorant of reality.” I admit I am a bit naieve to some things, but your language, actually your demeanor, is that of a troll.

      If you would like to come back on other articles I post in the future and truly have a discussion and not a one way flame fest, I will happily invite you back. But for now, your comments will be closed on this topic.

      I have no problem with people disagreeing with me (hell on this topic alone Larisa and I have been back and forth on this many times), but you will do so in a civil manner. I will not tolerate trolls or trollish comments on MY blog.

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