Nothing to see here… WAIT!

About 6 months ago, I changed the theme of this site.  Being on the “free” wordpress site, I have limited selections of themes, so I have been edging closer and closer to what I would actually build, if I wasn’t, you know, cheap.  And I saw this theme, and I like it a lot more than the last one.

So please excuse the mess while I clean up the site, and make it work with the new theme.  I am really happy with this theme so far, so I might just actually, you know, stick with this one a while.  And heck, I am even working on the header picture 🙂

Post later tonight on cata changes announced.

EDIT:  For those of you with feed readers, sorry for pinging you about 7 times with the same post.  You may now feel free to click “Mark All As Read.”

The pic displayed on this will become the default pic, so you prolly will be seeing it a bit more often, but its a venture in multimedia for me, so here is to broader horizons *toast*.

Also, the stupid theme programmer set the “featured” post part of the theme up in a really silly way.  Now all posts will have a tag “Current Post” so that it is picked up correctly.

Blogroll is getting slowly updated to match my feedreader, so keep an eye out for that.

In the meantime, any feedback on the theme and it’s options are more than welcome!

Ohh, and the header pic.  Its hard to be so foreboding with the restricted pixel size 😦  I  originally wanted the Lordaeron symbol above Fire’s head.   BAH to restrictions!

2 Responses to “Nothing to see here… WAIT!”
  1. Yarsh says:

    I like the new site look. Is that a pic of your toon with the old guild tabard?

  2. Adam says:

    have you thought about creating your own website? they taught us how to make our own in seventh grade using Microsoft Word and just transfering it over to html code and editing it. I don’t exactly remember how to do it, but it wasn’t too hard, and you could have a basic site and it would be 🙂 lol

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