Search Engine Terms Are Funny

I am going to go the way of Amber, and post some of my search engine results for my blog.   Just because I get amusement.  And apparently there are a few questions that need answering.

The silly:

Ghostcrawler Very Small Pony

I just have to LOL at this one.  I wonder if GC is compensating for something?

godly melee pally skill tree

Would anyone classify any tree “godly”?  This probably came from a pvper who is bitching about ret pallies blowing their low resilience asses up.

spells to make poneys appear

I’m not sure weather to be scared, or laugh at this.

what are dps doing for earth day

Umm…  Healing?  I don’t know about you, but I am DPSing, or you know, doing things IRL.  I wonder if a blogging meme was going around.

Dupe Emblems Of Frost

Remember way back in Diablo 1 when you could “dupe” items?  The sad thing is, a guildie asked me the same question, so I wonder if this wasnt a search term from my own dammed guild

Hand of salvation bone spike

You have a spike.  It is rammed up your ass.  What is threat reduction going to do for you?

Using mace on attackers

WTF?  How did this even LEAD to my blog?

Now some serious searches:

Pally with blood DK tank

Alright, alright.  Ill be serious for a moment.  Please understand that Blood Tanks are a little on the weak side when it comes to AoE threat.  And ret paladins are AoE powerhouses.  Just tone down the AoE for a bit until he has a chance to get DnD and a blood boil off (which might be several seconds due to the way runes cooldown).

Which Gear Do I Get First?

I am assuming that you are asking about frost gear for ret pallies.  And the answer is going to be the same for all of yall – It really depends on what gear you have.  The first thing you want to beeline for in Frost gear is the 2 Pc. set bonus.  Use whatever emblem gear you need to replace your lowest gear on your body.  If that means a chest and a shoulder – go for it.  If it means gloves and pants – great.  The 2Pc represents a significant dps upgrade (not to mention a cool and unique bonus).  It’s pretty important to get it.

T10 Ret Set Bonus

Yes.  You need it.  Both.  But get the 2 pc. first.  Then go after the 4 piece after you have filled in other slots.

ret pally button setup

I have to admit, I am not the person to ask.  I set my bars up way back during BC when we had to seal > judge a LOT.  My setup is horribly inefficient.  I am embarrased to say that every other toon I own is streamlined, organizzed, and combat ready.  My pally is not.  I have tried swapping skills around properly, but because I have been playing the other way for so long, I have built up  a muscle memory, and would always hit the wrong button.  After two weeks of completely failing, I scattered them back to their rightful, messy, unorganized places.    But just for the sake of fun, and so you all can laugh at me:

1) Consecrate

2) Divine Storm

3) Exorcism

4) Judgement

5) Crusader Strike

6) Hammer of The Righteous

That’s it for this edition of search engine fun!

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