A Note On H HoR

Ever since I made the little comment about H HoR on my Holy Priest, the search terms have been pouring in. Everything from “How to dps H HoR” to “Why does the tank drop group in HoR?” (which I can sympathize) Ok, so first off, the tank situation.  As a point of fact, especially new … Continue reading

When A Good Story Makes You Reel

Upcoming later this week is the second (and final) half of my “The Lost Effect” posts.  I had wanted to get it out before the series finale, but real life crit me, and it was for eleventy billion (actually, as I am writing this drama is going on in the background…). Anyway, I did just … Continue reading

The AH/JC Experiment: New Apps, and Summer Blues.

First and foremost.  Who in their right mind is going to pay for the AH app? Goldfarmers?  Sure.  Maybe this will actually help speed along the catching of those goldfarmers. But the average joe?  Do you really need to be plugged into WoW for that long?  I mean, when I go to bed, I go … Continue reading

Monday Mornings Are Slow…

-We got some great work in on Blood Queen this weekend.  She is close to biting the dirt.  It comes down to that second fear phase, when everyone is about to cycle through to the third, and final, bite phase.  PRO TIP:  Wait for as LONG as possible before biting your person, throughout your bite … Continue reading

A Call For Help About Power Auras

So, yes, I am jumping on the power auras bandwagon.  Or at least I am trying to. I have been using tellmewhen for a while now, and when I saw wow.com’s article on power auras, I really want to move to it, instead. HOWEVER… I downloaded it last night and tried to get it to … Continue reading

Reactions To Professions Changes

So professions changes came out yesterday.  Lets have a bit of reaction to them: While the Cataclysm updates to many of the professions are still deep in development, we wanted to share some of the work that’s been going on, as well as a high-level look at any lessons learned or changes to their underlying … Continue reading

Tales From Pug Hell: A Whirlwind of 2 Days

So the past few days, I have been sick (still am).  The kind of sick where you are really too sick to be at work (I finally got to use some of those 280 some hours of time I have on the books), but not sick enough to be laying in BED all day, yet … Continue reading

Don’t Miss This Pic!

So, there is a LOT of information flooding out about cataclysm right now.  TONS AND TONS of pics up at MMO-Champion.  And I just wanted to call attention to this one. Is anyone else as excited as I am to see this picture? You know that is very reminiscent of the sithilid hives, and it … Continue reading

A Lack Of Communication…

As I mentioned a short time back, my guild has been going through a bit of a spit about raiding.  I wouldn’t call it drama.  I wouldn’t even call it a spit, if I had a better word.  It is more like growing pains. Many of your chimed in with support, and I thank you. … Continue reading

Thoughts On Cataclysm’s Healing Model

So, I have been a bit of an alt addict lately.  In addition to Fire, I now have 2 other 80’s. The first, as you all know, is the DK Tank. But the second is a Priest. WAAAAY back in the time of BC (and keep in mind I dinged 70 not too far before … Continue reading