A Call For Help About Power Auras

So, yes, I am jumping on the power auras bandwagon.  Or at least I am trying to.

I have been using tellmewhen for a while now, and when I saw wow.com’s article on power auras, I really want to move to it, instead.


I downloaded it last night and tried to get it to work, and it won’t.

Basically, The program won’t function.  I can activate it as one of my addon’s; I can activate /powa; BUT thats when it is all bugged out.

The aura list is completely blank (as it should be), but the highlight indicator is dead center of the screen, instead of, you know, actually highlighting one box.

If I click “new”, all the boxes and doodads come up, but it never displays the arua around my character to customize.  Furthermore, the texture bar doesn’t work.  I can slide it all day and the texture does not change in the little preview area.  Ive tried using blizz’s textures, power auras textures, the result is the same.  Also, one of the tabs in the bottom half of the addon is WAY off to the right, instead of where it should be.

At first I thought it was just not loading the textures.  If there are no textures, then of course the slider wont work.  But now it seems as if the whole addon is broken.

Ive tried redownloading it, clearing out the addon/chache/wtf folders, no go.  Still the same results.

Anyone have any ideas?  Ive tried doing a search, and I see at least a handful of other people have this issue, but no resolution.

One Response to “A Call For Help About Power Auras”
  1. zelmaru says:

    When you do “new” , your original window should be still up. Make sure the box of the aura that you’re currently creating is highlighted now. Also, if that doesn’t work, try creating a new one and saving it, doesn’t matter what you call it or what it is. Then go back into the program and go in to edit it. Again, make sure the “box” that contains it is highlighted.

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