Monday Mornings Are Slow…

-We got some great work in on Blood Queen this weekend.  She is close to biting the dirt.  It comes down to that second fear phase, when everyone is about to cycle through to the third, and final, bite phase.  PRO TIP:  Wait for as LONG as possible before biting your person, throughout your bite sequences.  Otherwise, if you bite right away, the fear will be right during your bite phase and, 9 times out of 10, you will just get mind controlled.  This third phase is all about recovery and getting to your target.  The problem is that it is so chaotic, especially since you have to scatter for bloodbolt…  We’ll get it, but it will be a pain.

-Power auras is working…. kind of.

I had to download a WAY old version of it, and that old version works.  But the new version.  As soon as I install/activate Shadowed Unit Frames, it kills PowA.  I have e-mailed the dev’s of the addon, so we will see what comes of it.  If I can ever get it figured out, then I will do a UI post, mostly for my guild.

-In one of the many attempts we had on blood queen this weeked, we had a smidge of dischord.  It was of the kind between two RL friends about the strat we were using.  And it made the whole raid group feel…  awkward.  Partly because one of them kinda acted a bit… childish.  I’m not sure how to handle this, outside of sitting down and telling him “dude, that was acting your shoe size, not your age.  Can we cut the crap?”

-I want to point you to a person on my blogroll, Daniel.  He runs Brain Needed Space, and for most of you, you may well know him as Big Red Kitty.  I won’t go into the long saga therewith, but there are 3 posts in a series, starting with “where the steel hits the fire”.  If you have the time (about 10 minutes) read them all.  There is a reason BRK was so successful.  It is/was because of writing like this.  These three posts are seriously some of the best blogging I have ever read.  Take a look, you won’t regret it.  In fact, DON’T look while you are in the office.  They are hilarious, and you might just choke on your coffee if you are not careful (like I did).

-I am still on a random heroic hiatus… sorta.  I haven’t done any on Fire or my DK tank.  In fact, my DK tank has sort of… fallen by the wayside.  I don’t expect I will play him much more this expansion.  I went tank because come Cataclysm, Blood will be the tanking tree.  But I just find it…   Boring.  I’m hoping that Cataclysm will change the nature of the way that blood tanks play.  There are some fun mechanics there, like keeping your blood runes on cooldown for damage mitigation.  But I have this sinking feeling that I just may not… like…  tanking.  It doesn’t seem very interactive.  DnD, spin up your diseases, bloodboil, and strike to keep aggro.  Maybe this is a side effect of end game spindown, or because its easier and less interactive when everyone overgear’s content.  I don’t know.  We’ll see when cataclysm rolls around if he just doesn’t become a farming mule/bank alt.

-At the same time, I am LOVING my priest.  When I say I am on a random moratorium…  Light (holy priest) is the one breaking this.  I didn’t run a TON of them, but enough to get my daily frost emblems, and enough to grind out the last few emblems for my shoulders (10).  Now, outside of a ring and wand, I am totally decked out in emblem gear, and only need frost stuff.  I do, however, need new trinkets (one of which comes from H HoR and one Reg ToC), and an off hand (also from H HoR), I’m set to go.  And I have been getting more and more daring with my healing.  The dungeon finder keeps sticking me in H HoR, but with Woefully undergeared people.  I managed to get to wave 9 with a tank that was decent, and decently geared, but only one of the three dps was doing over 2k.  I think this is one of those instances that are actually more suited for a holy paladin than any other type of healer.  And the only reason we failed was because the tank couldn’t round up two of the mages, and they just sat there nuking on me, and I simply couldn’t heal myself and the party at that high of a damage load.  So I died.

I also got into 25 VoA.  For an instance that always hated me for the first part of the expansion (up until about 3 months ago, I had not gotten any loot other than emblems out of that place), its been extremely good to me now.  Fire got his 25 man hands, and Light got a pair of 25 man pants (which were a HUGE upgrade, btw).

Annnd…   I got rejected for an ICC 10 rep run… by a friend… over gearscore.  Yeah, not so happy about that.  Despite that he knew me, knew what I could do, he told me that I needed about 200 GS points more before he would let my healer into ICC.  What makes it even more sour is that he is the guild leader of a guild we are (or were) allied with.  Note to (kind of) allied guild leader:  When I can wipe the floor with your “star healer” in that very same 25 VoA that I just got my new pants in, you should really know the difference skill and gearscore make.  I ended up doing a smidge more than 800HPS more than the other priest, who is at least halfway decked out in icc loot).

However, despite all of this fun, I still have trouble healing H PoS’s garfrost.  I don’t know what it is.  It seems like it’s either REALLY hard or REALLY easy to keep everyone up.  I don’t know if there is a trick I’m missing (yes, everyone clears their stacks once in a while), or its just THAT encounter is one of those for me.  But it is annoying when I get kicked every other time because of it.

Random Mondays Are Random.

2 Responses to “Monday Mornings Are Slow…”
  1. zelmaru says:

    Strange! I use Shadowed Unit frames and POWA and they seem to play nice together. You *can* live without POWA if it’s giving you crap. I’ve started migrating toward Fortexorcist with the nice timer and cooldown bars. It’s hawt.

    • Firespirit says:

      I have been for a while.

      I was using, for the longest time, tellmewhen. It’s got the same basic premise as power auras, but in a much more straight forward package – you get x bars that look just like skill bars. The skill bars light up with the icon of the skill whenever said skill is preset. It cannot handle stack sizes though, and it a lot less pretty. I really WANT to use power auras. Its just not playing nice!

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