The AH/JC Experiment: New Apps, and Summer Blues.

First and foremost.  Who in their right mind is going to pay for the AH app?

Goldfarmers?  Sure.  Maybe this will actually help speed along the catching of those goldfarmers.

But the average joe?  Do you really need to be plugged into WoW for that long?  I mean, when I go to bed, I go to bed.

But, I digress.  I have a lot better things that I can sped 2.99 a month on (not the least of which is my Carmel Macchiato fix from starbucks), and I will not be partaking in the madness.

I any event, let’s chat about jewelcrafting over the next few weeks/months..

It is summer.  Or rather, it will be summer VERY soon for many kids.  What does that mean?  A lot of competition.  A lot of potentially stupid competition.

I alluded to the fact that profit was tough to come by in the comments of my professions post a while back.  And it still is.  Many of the raw materials are selling for more than the finished good.  A few good examples:

-Blacksmithing belt buckles are going for 22g on my server.  A single saronite bar is going for 3.5 g, Titanium is 20g/bar, and eternals go from 50S each to 15g each.  Yes, I said 50S.  I’ll get to that in a minute.

-Leather working isn’t much better off.  Icescale leg armor is gong for 120g or so per kit.  The arctic fur alone goes from 90-120g depending on the day, and forget about heavy borean leather.  4-6 g each LEATHER.

-JCers who want to make a quick profit can’t flip gems right now.  Raw rare gems (blue quality) are going anywhere from 5-20g (with reds going for 35-50g), and actual cut gems are going for 5-7g with a select few breaking the 10g mark (reds go for 39-45 g depending on the day).  The money in the saronite shuffle right now is in raw, uncut gems.

Meanwhile, epics are suffering similarly.  Raw, uncut epic gems are going for 120-140g each.  As of last night, Bold Cardinals are going for 130g, orange cuts are going for an average of 110g, and Solid Majestics were sitting at 125 as well.

As you can see, the market, strangely enough, is upside down.  Right now, the market is suffering from the summer effect.  That is, there are a lot of kids who are wanting to catch up from being off on school, and are doing one of two things – either leveling and getting the required mats from that, or simply farming all day, and crafting from that.  Remember, these kids generally have nothing to do all. day. long.  And rather than doing their due dilligent market research, they are just dumping finished goods onto the market, driving down prices.

Zebb, very wisely, commented and thought that perhaps there was one or two people driving down specific markets.  Unfortunately, I do not think that is the case.  They would have to have suppliers that supply them with mats across a broad market (this problem seems to be across a LOT of markets), and at a very cheap price.  VERY cheap.  No, I don’t think that is the case.  I think we are seeing the summer effect right now.

So, my best advice to your JC’ers out there (especially if you are still doing the old saronite shuffle), CHECK and DOUBLE CHECK what will make you the best profit.  It may not be finished goods.  In my case, right now, I am better off dumping raw gems onto the open market.

Also, a warning.  Right now, I have easily 5-7k of capital locked up into materials that are sitting in my bank.  I have written about this before.  Get rid of the stock.  Don’t be holding a large stock right now.  Market volitility is going to be extreme over the next few weeks/months and you don’t want to be on the low rollercoaster.

Keep your eye out for deals that are really not…  deals.   I mentioned that eternals are going for 50s or so on my server.  That is for eternal earths right now.  And you know what, I snatched up a bunch of em.  Right now I have about 500g of capital locked up into earths.  But you know what?  It really wasn’t that great of a deal.  After the market normalized from my big buyoff, the prices are looking like they are going to rebound back down to about 1g per eternal.  Right, that is a 50% gain, right.  Well, yes.   But I bought them for the saronite shuffle, and, for now, I am hanging on to them.  I may change my mind if the price comes back up to the normal 5g/eternal.  But again, my capital is locked in them and I am taking a BIG risk.  If you are venturing into new markets, like I will be very soon, make sure you look at your auctioneer history and see what is and isnt truly a deal.

And, of course, be mindful of the upcoming Ruby Sanctum raid.  Since it is current tier, expect the prices of epic gems to (finally) come back up for a few weeks.  I have been slowly stockpiling them with transmutes I have been getting from other people.   And by slowly, I mean SLOWLY.  Dont horde stacks and stacks of them, you are just freezing up your capital.   For every 5 gems I get xmuted, I am probably saving 1.  My goal is to have about 10 or each color stockpiled by the time the sanctum rolls around.  It will be, hopefully, a nice little boost in money, but it wont be a huge risk.


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