When A Good Story Makes You Reel

Upcoming later this week is the second (and final) half of my “The Lost Effect” posts.  I had wanted to get it out before the series finale, but real life crit me, and it was for eleventy billion (actually, as I am writing this drama is going on in the background…).

Anyway, I did just finish the lost finale.  I am not going to post any information on it in this post (no spoilers, I promise!).

BUT.  I will say that I am reeling over the end.  I’m honestly not sure weather to be mad, sad, happy, relieved.  I can definitely say that I am going to take a long, liesurely lunch to try and wrap my mind around it.  And I definitely know that I was emotional.  Its hard to be jaded through some of the scenes.

And few stories I have ever been a part of have done that for me.  The entire last (I think) 10 chapters of The Lord Of The Rings, when I first read it, was just like this.  Surreal, in a strange sense.  The great journey is over.

Harry Potter was the same way.  I can remember the last book even more vividly than LOTR.  My life virtually halted for 3.5 days.  I remember reading it and feeling like I was the only person in the world, the only person reading the book.  I could hear my breaths.  I could feel the texture of the page, and the flavor of the words running through my mind, only to have to be ripped from it and realize that the world was still around me, sights and sounds bustling.

And I am not talking about gratifying endings.   Because, if you have read any of the reviews, everyone has a mixed feeling about the ending of the story.  And both the endings to LOTR and Potter were… not exactly what I wanted.

No, I am talking about the story itself.  Something that envelops you entirely.  So entirely, that no matter what is going on around you, you feel like you are the only person.  Alone.  You can’t hear anything but the sound of the characters voices in your head.

My guild is currently 9/12 in ICC.  We have putricide and sindragosa before we take on the Lich King.  I have avoided all spoilers (as much as I could, that is.  It’s nearly impossible these days).

I just hope that the loremasters of WoW have provided such a story in a cutscene.

One Response to “When A Good Story Makes You Reel”
  1. Gronthe says:

    Reading Les Miserables (unabridged version, thank you) was like that. I sat there and felt like I was in France, criminal, outcast, unable to find a place to sleep and even kicked out of dog houses I was such a cur. Great stories can do that, no matter how they end. That’s why we remember them.

    Every movie today ends with a guy kissing the girl after saving the world, but if it’s great we remember everything else because we were there, sharing a world with characters we love. Yeah, I’ve been there and it’s great.

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