A Note On H HoR

Ever since I made the little comment about H HoR on my Holy Priest, the search terms have been pouring in. Everything from “How to dps H HoR” to “Why does the tank drop group in HoR?” (which I can sympathize)

Ok, so first off, the tank situation.  As a point of fact, especially new tanks that need shields, have to run the first boss ad nauseum in regular HoR for a new shield.  This shield is better than most raiding shields up to and through ToC (in fact, the only shield other than the one in HoR is from Heroic Anub, I believe, also on a very low drop).  And it is a low droprate item.  My own sister ran her pally through the first boss some 21 times to get the shield.  So chances are, they are just sick and TIRED of the instance.

Secondly, on the instance itself:  It’s not a walk in the park, as I am sure you are aware.  This is the type of instance that is a tanking fight.  But its also a healing fight.  Even then its a DPS fight as well.  It requires a level of play from the entire group, not just the tank or the healer (like most older heroics, now).  If you have low DPS, your group will fail due to the high amount of damage that is coming through, your healer will just run out of mana.  If you have bad tanking, your group will fail, due to the mobs just ripping through the group.  A high amount of damage in this fight is spell damage, thus not just any plate DPS can tank this.  It will splat the group.  If your heals are sub-par, it will wipe the group just because of the damage incoming.

And then even if your group has the gear, and ability, it can still wipe you.  If you stand and let all those traps/flamestrike/consecration’s just AoE tick down on your party, you will wipe.  If you healer gets hunter cc’d at the wrong time, you will wipe.  If you don’t dispell at least some of the time, you will die.  If ONE PERSON dies, even if it is a DPS, it is very unlikely that you will pass your checkpoint.  If your healer is not able to get the party up after 3 or so fears on the first boss, the healing buff will become so stringent that outgoing heals will mean little to nothing (I remember a particular bossfight where my holy lights where hitting for 1500, and FoL 200).

And all of this is just the first “wave” event.  The gauntlet has its own perils.

So, the next time that tank drops, or the next time you get a “failpug” in H HoR, just be mindful that it is probably because the tank is just sick and tired of the instance, or that the group just doesn’t click.  Timing, coordination, and just knowing what the hell you are doing are all key to this instance.

Ohh, and every mage who rolls on my offhand from the very last friggin boss, every lock who takes it from me, every goddammed emo shadowpriest who rolls on it, you can all die in a godammed fire.   Every single time it actually drops (because when I am the only one who *needs it*, murphy’s law says it wont drop), someone else rolls and wins it.  FOR GODS SAKE I STILL HAVE AN iLVL 200 INSCRIPTION MADE OFFHAND.  I am in partial ICC gear, and I CANT GET THE DAMMED OFFHAND UPGRADED.  *slightly* frustrating.


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