The Paranormal Phenomenon Returns

I wrote about Paranormal Activity about this time last year, and I noticed today that the trailer for the second film popped up on youtube.  Below is a link. I loved Paranormal Activity.  It scared the crap out of me, almost literally.  It is out on DVD now, but as any true horror fan will … Continue reading

A Note On Free Writing

As we are all keenly aware, WoW is in the summer slump.  It has even hit our guild.  People are taking time off, raiding has slowed, recruiting has even been weak, to say the least. But that gives us great opportunities to pursue other avenues of leisure time, which is not necessarily a bad thing. … Continue reading

Confessions Of A Lazy Speller

Guys, I have a problem. It’s a terrible problem to have. I have to confess. … I.  Am a lazy speller. Yes people.  I spell lazily. Don’t give me that confused look.  You know what I mean. … … Don’t you? Ok, Ok, lets go back to the beginning. I have always been a reader. … Continue reading

The Big Thank You Post

Thank you, everyone, who made my one year blog-o-versary very memorable.  If you haven’t yet read all of the guest posts on villains, please do.  Very fun and interesting to see what other people see in villains, which of course, is one of the big parts of any story.  Can’t have conflict without a conflict … Continue reading

Guest Post: Tamarind On Grendel

So Firespirit invited me to contribute a celebratory blogging anniversary post on the subject of villains and, of course, I leapt at the opportunity because I’m shameless like that. The more I thought about it, the more I realised I wanted to write about something NOT related to WoW. So I apologise in advance for … Continue reading

How Does One Say Goodbye?

Emotions are like an endless rainbow.  Today may be a sad, dark and grey day, but it punctuates a 14 year swatch of bright joy with my sweetie.  If this is the price I pay for such happiness, I will gladly pay it. The above picture was taken nearly 6 months ago.  It was on … Continue reading

Guest Post – Zelmaru On Villainy 101

Hi, Zelmaru from Murloc Parliament here.  Firespirit asked me to talk to you about… villains. Are you a would-be villain having trouble inspiring fear in the forces of “good”?  Here is the theorycraft on improving your villain skills. Being a Villain: Basic Requirements 1. A Compelling Backstory. I’m sure it was very difficult to get rejected from Harvard and … Continue reading

Guest Post: Bumblesbounc On A Memorable Villain

When Shawn first brought up this topic, my mind went to the usual list of suspects, people like the Joker. After spending a few minutes in thought, however, I decided to go back into Mr. Peabody’s Way-Back Machine to one of my favorite villains of all time, Welhemina W. Witchiepoo. Many of you reading this … Continue reading

Guest Post: Elyndynne On The Grey Area

I am new to blogs….I tend not to read blogs. Who needs to hear other people’s rants, when your rants are more interesting, right?  It was only recently that I have caved, a new influence in my life, and started reading blogs.  So now I am caving and writing a blog entry!  Next thing you … Continue reading

Guest Post: Sougent on Villains vs. Monsters

Happy Anniversary To ME!!!!!! Thats right guys, this is the week of my 1 year blog-o-versary.  1 year tomorrow I have been pestering you with my rants and rambling here on my lonely little blog. So, what better way to celebrate than with friends?! My recent thoughts on villains in WoW have really got me … Continue reading