Yes, I Know I Bashed It… Mobile AH Review

A while back I bashed the Remote Auction House, I know.  I didn’t understand how someone could not unplug from the game, or shall I say the mini pvp game that we all love to hate – the AH game.


I of course downloaded the app for my iPhone (There’s an app for that!), and gave it a little test spin.  And you know what?  I like it.  So much so, that I am thinking about subscribing.  Let me explain.

As you all know I have been struggling with the JC business.  What it comes down to, simply, is that there are too many people in the JC market, and too few actually buying.  There are no big instances that are due to be released (outside of Ruby Sanctum, of course).  So that means there is no mad rush to replace gear.  And of course, that means there is no huge demand for gems to fill that gear.

And so, I have a bank full of gems that I am slowly bleeding off, either by selling them or by transmuting them to epics.  I actually thought of sitting in Dala one whole evening and just adverting for unused xmute’s.  It’s that bad.

But out of crappy business, comes the silver lining!  I have been moving into other markets.  Namely, the blacksmithing market (thanks sougent for the tip on the eternal belt buckles – the economy normalized a bit, and it is now profitable to craft them), and the bag market.  I currently have 150 netherweave bags from a big netherweave buyout that I did to normalize that economy, and I have been steadily bleeding off all the ID that I had over abundance of with Frostweave that I have been snagging at the cheap.

These last three markets are much, MUCH higher volume than the gem market.  So much so, that (last night, for example) I posted 4 netherweave bags, and before I finished all of my other posting, they had all sold out, and I had to post more.  It is more often than not that this happens.

And this is where I come full circle with the Mobile AH.  During the beta testing, activity was limited to 25 actions – cancelling an auction, bidding on an auction, posting an auction, buying out auctions, all constituted an action.  So with only 25, I had to really watch my activity.  So, I stuck to renewing and refreshing my high volume auctions.  In the full version, this won’t be so limiting, as you will have 200 actions.

So, I would post at night.  I would post once during breakfast.  Once at the start of lunch, and if I had the “actions” left, I would post once after lunch.  Yes that seems excessive.  But I really wanted to hammer out how useful this might be to me.

As any AH guru knows, you are only as filthy stinkin rich as you can move inventory.  I touched on this a bit back, advising people to be wary of locking up capital into inventory.  The truth of the matter is that if you invest 400g into, say, Netherweave bags, but then you can never sell those bags, then that 400g becomes a pile of dung (otherwise known as a loss).

The Mobile AH is very efficient at this game.  Allowing you to stay on top of your high volume businesses.  One day I sold 25 belt buckles, and 15 bags.  I had to ramp up my production a bit to have things to sell.

So with the new 200 “action” AH you may also be able to pop in and buy up really good deals.  Like ore.  Or cloth.  Or anything.

And of course the side effect will be the ability to push your competition out of the market.  If they can’t sell, then they aren’t going to continue to produce, or they are going to get more competitive.

And of course, that is when the real game starts.

2 Responses to “Yes, I Know I Bashed It… Mobile AH Review”
  1. leah says:

    am I seeing…battered hilts for 250 gold???? on my server they are still selling for 8k and up >_>

    • Firespirit says:

      Hehe, yeah. I just google searched for an image, and that one came up, and I couldn’t help but post it for that reason.

      They are still 11k on my server 😦

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