Guest Post: Sougent on Villains vs. Monsters

Happy Anniversary To ME!!!!!!

Thats right guys, this is the week of my 1 year blog-o-versary.  1 year tomorrow I have been pestering you with my rants and rambling here on my lonely little blog.

So, what better way to celebrate than with friends?!

My recent thoughts on villains in WoW have really got me wondering what other people think as well. You can’t have a good story without a good protagonist.   So I asked, of course!  And I have a few people who generously agreed to do a guest post for me.  So this week will all be about the one thing we love to hate – Villains!

Below is the first of said articles.

Sougent is a frequent commenter and reader on the blog.  Below, you might just find that he has similar thoughts as me on the villain vs monster debate.


World of Warcraft is a game, it is also a story, the more you quest the more you learn of the story that is World of Warcraft.    In the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, we are focused on the story of Arthas Menethil who has become the Lich King, the chief villain in the world and the goal of the game is to defeat him.

As villains go, Arthas is one that engages the imagination and makes you really want to play the game so that you can have the chance of finally stopping him.

But why?   What makes a good villain, one that can catch our imaginations?

I think we have to be able to identify with them at some level, to be able to see ourselves in their shoes.

Arthas was a prince, a Paladin, he set out to save his kingdom and allowed himself to be corrupted.  We know his story and can commiserate with him.

Darth Vader, another classic villain, the first time we ever see him in the classic Star Wars, he’s just a sinister character chasing the princess, but with each movie we learn more about him until we discover he was a good man, a father, someone who lost his way.

A good villain doesn’t have to start out good.   Count Dracula as portrayed in the original book, was evil from beginning to end yet we identify with the character because we wonder what it’d be like to live forever, to have that kind of formidable power.

So you want to create a villain, one that will capture the hearts and minds of your audience?    Make them real, give them a story, a history.   Let us identify with them, let us understand how they got to be the way they are and maybe at some level feel sorry for them.   Accomplish that and you’re half way there.

As the Wrath of the Lich King expansion comes to a close, we say farewell to a classic World of Warcraft villain and prepare for a great Cataclysm.    In the next expansion, we won’t have a villain to defeat, we will have a monster instead.    Perhaps in a future expansion we will be introduced to another villain that will capture our imaginations, but for now there is but one question.

What makes a classic monster?    And is Deathwing such a monster?

2 Responses to “Guest Post: Sougent on Villains vs. Monsters”
  1. Larísa says:

    Happy birthday! Reaching the 1 year mark is a huge achievement in the life of a blogger. Trust me, I know.
    Here’s to yet another year with your blog!

    • Firespirit says:

      Woot! Thanks Larisa! I really appreciate it. Here is to many more years *raises mug*. This round is on me 🙂

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