Guest Post: Elyndynne On The Grey Area

I am new to blogs….I tend not to read blogs. Who needs to hear other people’s rants, when your rants are more interesting, right?  It was only recently that I have caved, a new influence in my life, and started reading blogs.  So now I am caving and writing a blog entry!  Next thing you know you will soon have one from me ranting all the time… beware!


We as children were raised with the ideas of villains.  Right from wrong, evil from good.  My childhood was influenced at a young age from Marvel villains, specifically the X-Men.  I started reading comics at 6 or 7 and was immediately caught in the saga of Magneto and Professor X.

Magneto pulled me in with his strength, his immeasureable power to control metallic objects.  It seemed like he was invincible and that actually drew to me to the villain.  I was eager to get every installment that had him involved.  It touched me when we all discovered that Magneto was in a concentration camp when he was a young mutant learning of his powers.

I understood why Magneto was evil and not on the good side. He, like many of us, was abused and angry.  He turned against society to try to prevent it from happening to his secondary race, mutants. It also shows that there is grey in every story….no black and white.  What may be villainous to the humans was survival to Magneto and the mutants.

I have not been as emotionally invested in the Lich King story, it does not pull to me as Magneto does.  I think the Lich King is more black/white, right/wrong.  Maybe I also have a metallic heart forever drawn to the Marvel dark side.

One Response to “Guest Post: Elyndynne On The Grey Area”
  1. Firespirit says:

    Hmm.. I would say that Lichiepoo is definately simple, but not neccesarily black and white. It may be because of the way he evolved – he had a choice, but not really.

    Anyway, marvel are some of my favorite cartoons as well. However, I do like DC as well. Im a cartoon superhero fanatic!

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