How Does One Say Goodbye?

Emotions are like an endless rainbow.  Today may be a sad, dark and grey day, but it punctuates a 14 year swatch of bright joy with my sweetie.  If this is the price I pay for such happiness, I will gladly pay it.

The above picture was taken nearly 6 months ago.  It was on a particularly windy day, so much so that the wind blew her ears as if she were trying to make fun of superman 🙂

Unfortunately, my sweetie is sick.  About 3 days ago, we noticed two small nodules on etither side of her neck, just under the jaw line.  Two days passed, and we made an appointment for the Doc for this morning. But upon coming back from work yesterday, it was evident that it was something extremely serious.  During the process of the day the left side of her face had swollen to the size of a baseball.  But we could not move the appointment up any.  It was the next day anyway.

It was even more evident this morning that something is terribly wrong.  That baseball grew to the size of a softball.

The doc has ordered some tests.  Unfortunately, the diagnosis is likely lymphoma, a particularly aggressive one at that.  There is no prognosis.  Not even a short term one.  There is just a glimmer of hope, but only a tiny silver of light.  It may also be a simple lymphatic infection.  But it is not likely.

I have exactly two days until the tests come in.  In the mean time, I am going to make her as comfortable and happy as possible.  Fortunately, she is not in any pain or discomfort at all…   at the moment.  But as fast as it is progressing, there is absolutely no guarantees of anything.

How does one payback 14 years of undying loyalty and companionship?  Well, you can’t.  But and endless supply of meaty treats help.  Well, that and a 24 pack of tennis balls.

8 Responses to “How Does One Say Goodbye?”
  1. zelmaru says:

    I’m sorry to hear that 😦

  2. theerivs says:

    I am so sorry.

  3. Elyndynne says:

    Don’t forget lots of hugs and kisses. I hope it is just the infection…doesn’t make sense that it grew so fast, even for lymphoma. I got my fingers crossed!!

  4. leah says:

    I’m so sorry. /comfort I’m sure she wouldn’t trade those 14 years for anything either.

  5. Ophelie says:

    Oh Firespirit! I’m so sorry to hear that.

    That’s a beautiful picture of her, she’s gorgeous.

    Keep us in the loop, let us know what happens *hugs*

  6. Ruhtra says:

    I am sorry to hear about your friend. As soon as I read this, I grabbed my two little buddies and walked them both and spent a little extra time with them tonight. My hopes and prayers go out to you. Hope it just turns out to be an infection.

  7. Jasyla says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that 😦

    I hope you get good news.

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