Confessions Of A Lazy Speller

Guys, I have a problem.

It’s a terrible problem to have.

I have to confess.

I.  Am a lazy speller.

Yes people.  I spell lazily.

Don’t give me that confused look.  You know what I mean.

Don’t you?

Ok, Ok, lets go back to the beginning.

I have always been a reader.  Every time I had idle, spare time, I would be reading something.  Anything.  A magazine.  A book.  The intranets.  The back of a freaking tooth paste tube.  And because of this, I was always a great speller.  Every time I tested, I was always 98th percentile, and always well above my grade.

But now, as I have grown into an adult my reading as slowed, free time becoming less and less free.  Spelling mistakes that were once extremely obvious are now… not so obvious.  Often, I rely on the spell check a bit too much.  Compounding the problem is the fact that I work with speech synthesizers at work.  While the technology has come a long way since the 80’s, it is still very touchy in some respects.  Often to get the synthesizer to work correctly, I have to phonetically spell things out.

Jalapeno becomes Hala-peen-yo

Mrs. becomes missus

Doesn’t becomes Dosen’t.

And it has been getting really noticeable over the last six months or so.  As I am typing, I just say “screw it” and let spell check fix it for me.

And so comes the point of my little rant here – WoW doesn’t have a spell check.  And, of course, my guildies are right on any opportunity to correct me (you know who you are!).

But fortunately, razzing aside, this has really brought the problem to my attention.  Macro’s had to be remade.  Every word I misspell I am retyping, just to get the correct spelling stuck into my head.

So, my fellow readers, I emplore you.  Be brutal.  Be nasty.  Ok, well, don’t be nasty and mean.  But beat me up a little bit.  If you see a misspelled word, call me out, in the comments.

For the next 30 days I will not use spellchecker on my posts.

Yes, people.  Free reign.  Go berserk on me.  Maybe, just maybe, it will stick with me, and I will become slightly less lazy.  And heck, we might just have a bit of a linguistic (HA!  Got that one right!) adventure.

5 Responses to “Confessions Of A Lazy Speller”
  1. zelmaru says:

    Oh you are just ASKING for it now…

  2. Gronthe says:

    I don’t no, at leest you dont makup words that dont eksist. Or use words that sound rite but dont meen wat U think they meen. Still, I got my I’s open and waching U!

  3. Elyndynne says:

    implore. free rein.

    lol. I couldn’t resist!!! and I know who I am!!

  4. Lorgrath says:

    You’ve stirred the ire of a grammar nazi with this one: “Macro’s had to be remade.”

    No apostrophe for plurals!

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