The Journey To Gold Cap – Beware Of Hidden Losses

I’ve decided to rename the whole AH/JC experiment.  It has grown way beyond just JC, so it is more appropriate to name it something else… Anyway, any serious auctioneer has at least one toon that they make thier “Bank Toon”.  This toon is primarily used for a guild bank access, and sometimes (like me) just … Continue reading

Is Your Tanking Team A Partnership?

I’ve mentioned before that my sister is one of our main tanks in the guild.  She wasn’t always a tank, rather her main toon is a hunter that she desperately misses.  But, simply put, her tanking skills are second to none.  She tanks most often in our raids with another of our main tanks, Mawl. … Continue reading

Depth Cometh – In The Form Of Holy Power

So, the twitter dev chat, while in the past always light, airy, a short look into the thoughts and minds of those whom we put our trust in to balance the game, just became a big deal. While insight is always appreciated, paladins got some love. In short – they dropped the nuke on our … Continue reading

31 Point Talent Trees, First Impressions

Alright, lots and lots of beta news is streaming in.  31 point talent trees are in place.  I have had a chance to review the paladin ones, but as GC has announced, they are the ones that are the least stable right now.  I will comment on what came out a bit later, but for … Continue reading

A Peek Into The Zodiac – Why I Am Taking A Break

I have a bit of a personal tidbit to share with you today.  Nothing big, but still personal none the less: My birthday lands within the confines of Libra in the Zodiac. I am sure that you all know about the Zodiac.  You probably have read horoscopes now and then, if just in fun.  And … Continue reading

Real ID – Really?

I had told myself that I really was not going to weigh in on Real ID.  To each his own.  Some vehemently oppose it, some use it without abandon.  But the forums, they are a changin’.  They will soon be integrated into the Real ID program, and your full name will be displayed.  Let’s take … Continue reading

Has My Card Been Revoked?

So, cataclysm NDA has been lifted, and the beta is out and information storming in at a furious pace.   For now, I am going to let other blogs report on this.  The information is going to change, and such, and we don’t really have a good idea of where paladins are heading.  In fact, the … Continue reading