Has My Card Been Revoked?

So, cataclysm NDA has been lifted, and the beta is out and information storming in at a furious pace.   For now, I am going to let other blogs report on this.  The information is going to change, and such, and we don’t really have a good idea of where paladins are heading.  In fact, the ret tree has not changed…  AT ALL.

So I’d like to keep it light and fun today and talk about cards.  Specifically “Man Cards.”

Alright, so you all know Twilight Saga:  Eclipse premiered last night.  Yes Twilight is the penultimate chick flick.  Yes, I went to see it (guy’s survival guide will come out soon!).  But I went to see it because my mom, and my sister, pestered me to no end to take them.  I DID IT FOR YOU MOMS!

And while in line, I was texting a guildie.  She had brought to the attention of the whole guild what I was doing.  And after what was apparently a majority vote, the decided to revoke my “Man Card.”  I contested, of course.

The arguments boil down to basically this:

Twilight is a chick flick, which really should only be watched with a girlfriend, and only under extreme duress.

My response is this:

If a guy, who is completely comfortable with his masculinity (and sexuality, for that matter), goes with loved ones (or close family), to what he knows is a completely horrid chick flick, isn’t that sort of an honorable “fall on the sword” type of deal?

So, readers, it is up to you to help me here (or break me, I suppose,  LOL).  What do you think?  Do I have to surrender my “Man Card” and shred it to pieces, or can I keep it firmly tucked in my wallet?

22 Responses to “Has My Card Been Revoked?”
  1. theerivs says:

    Taking care of one’s family is the most manly thing you can do. If your Mom and sister wanted to go, and you took them. Good for you.

    Now if you went alone….we might have to come by and get your card.

  2. Bojan says:

    And if you went with some guy…

    • Firespirit says:

      LOL, yeah. Not happening. I agree though, if a guy goes with another guy, they have surrendered their entire man card deck.

  3. Nymesis says:

    I’ll stand by you Fire. Taking Mom and Sis to see it = falling on your sword.

    Having to take your wife/girlfriend is allowed but only under extreme duress, and only if promises are made to do something equally manly to balance out.

    Going alone, asking others, “Team Edward or Team Jacob?” while holding onto your Twilight 7-11 exclusive Slurpee cup is grounds for immediate removal of the man card and/or forfeiture of any future man standing ‘cool’ points for the foreseeable future.

    • Firespirit says:

      LOL Nym! You have me rolling on the floor laughing right now, because we DID go to 7-11 before hand to get a slurpee. I totally just ran out to my car to check and make sure it wasn’t a twilight cup. Thankfully, it was farmville! 🙂

      • zelmaru says:

        But really, you can tell us, Team Edward or Team Jacob?

      • Firespirit says:

        HA! How did I know you were going to be the one to ask?

        Alright, I’ll tell you, but I think that I will be totally invalidating the whole arguement above…

        I am personally on team jacob – for two reasons.

        First, because I kinda sympathize with the underdog.

        Second, because I think Edward is a total douchebucket. Who the hell treats the love of their life the way he treats her? He totally enforces his will upon her, even to the point of breaking her heart in the last book “because it would be better.” Love should be a two way thing, not him telling her (and hurting her in the process) how it should be.

        Bleah. I need to go drive something really fast now.

      • Nymesis says:

        Upon further review of the bylaws set forth to all Man Card carrying members you must immediately relinquish your Man Card first card carrying member that you encounter.

        There is only one acceptable answer to the question of Team Edward or Team Jacob:
        (To redeem your card you must answer this correctly)

        A. Team Edward – I love the way he promises to love Bella forever. I mean doesn’t everyone look for that kind of love?

        B. Team Jacob – Look at those abs! /drool

        C. What the hell kind question is that? Followed up with a rabbit punch to the kidneys to ensure that question is never posed to you again.

        I think the anwser is clear.

      • Firespirit says:

        LOL, Yeah, I knew writing that reply was totally going to trash my man-card status. But I had to watch the dammed movies, and she asked, so I had to answer 😡

      • zelmaru says:

        Also acceptable:

        D. Why the F are these guys all half-naked and Bella won’t even take off her shirt? No bewbs = movie fail.

        My best “guy card” impression!

      • Firespirit says:

        My first thought on this was – Wait… Isn’t she jailbait?

        Then of course, I thought of Alice. I totally have the hots for Alice! BRING ON THE ALICE BEWBS!

      • Nymesis says:

        All in favor of the addition of zelmaru’s answer, say aye.

        (in unison)-AYE

        All opposed.


        The Aye’s have it. Zel’s addition passes. Zel gains +10 ‘Man’ points.

      • zelmaru says:

        Oh look a chest hair!

      • Firespirit says:

        This is just so wrong on so many levels. I… Um… Ok, Ill let it go. *shivers*

  4. leah says:

    you shall only officially lose your man card if you enjoyed the movie. And considering you’re actually on one of the characters teams?

    you are skirting dangerously close >_>

    P.S. I’ve actually been trying to force myself to read the books, so that I can mock them based on up close and personal experience, but I keep on coming across good books, to read, so for now I have to content with youtube parodies 😛

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dompotjTeIA my favorite

  5. Monsieur says:

    You’re a man!!! Maaan man! Real men watch Twilight and get even manlier, weak men can’t watch Twilight because it will further weaken their manhood.

    Al-Qaeda Calls Off Attack On Nation’s Capitol To Spare Life Of ‘Twilight’ Author

  6. zelmaru says:

    By the way, I want to see this movie, and I have an extremely “manly” reason.

    I saw the first 2. The first one had a very minimal amount of ass-kicking. The second was mostly moping, whining, feeling sorry for oneself, and an infinitesimally small amount of ass-kicking. DISAPPOINTING!

    Now this one – I have seen a preview or two. Sure, there’s Bella looking miserable in deciding between necrophilia and bestiality – but there’s also a bit of ass-kicking. Werewolves against sparklevampires in CGI awesome fast action? Yes please. Gets the testosterone flowing.

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