You Know You Are Working Too Hard When…

Monday Afternoon, 3:00 PM Convo: Firespirit:  “Hey boss, I need you to sign off on my timesheet.  I lost yesterday’s hours. I’ve tore up my office looking for it, and I cannot freaking find it.” Boss:  “You worked yesterday?” F:  “Yes…” B:  “Are you sure you didnt just write your hours on the previous week’s … Continue reading

Serious Topic Needs Serious Linkage

Yes, I have been quiet again this week.  It was intentional, actually.  If you are even remotely involved in the Blog-o-sphere, the last week has been full of thoughtful, and not so thoughtful, conversation on a very important topic – feminism – specifically how it effects men as well as women.  Don’t follow me?  Well, … Continue reading

How About Person to Person Interaction?

Mr. Bear Butt brought up a topic the other day, about player interactions.  Specifically who is responsible for moderating them?  Blizzard?  Other Players?  I don’t think there is a right answer that satisfies all facets of the issue, but hop on over and give it a read.  It is incredibly thoughtful and insightful, as is … Continue reading

Dragon Tattoos Make Good Movies

If you are a fan, at all, of foreign movies….  Well, heck, even if you aren’t a fan of foreign movies, I highly suggest you take the time and effort to watch “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.”  Its a Swedish import, and thus, subtitled.  But if you can stick to it (the subtitles actually … Continue reading

Pally Role Play…

I am not a big roleplayer.  Well, I should say, I am not a big role player in WoW.  However, my gaming roots do hearken back to the original D&D 2nd edition ruleset.  So, it does run deep.  I do have ideas about how I could role play in WoW, and how that might take … Continue reading

State Of The Blog, And The Dreaded .01% Wipe

Hello Peeps! Long time no see, right? So, yeah.  Busy busy busy, as usual.  Work is crazy.  And something (well, maybe I should say someone 🙂 ) has been drawing my free time and attention.  But I will strike a balance, it just takes time.  But I have not closed shop, and will not close … Continue reading