State Of The Blog, And The Dreaded .01% Wipe

Hello Peeps!

Long time no see, right?

So, yeah.  Busy busy busy, as usual.  Work is crazy.  And something (well, maybe I should say someone 🙂 ) has been drawing my free time and attention.  But I will strike a balance, it just takes time.  But I have not closed shop, and will not close shop.  Lots and lots of interesting things going on in the beta.

As for raiding, it continues to be a challenge.  We lost both of our main tanks.  Our pally healer has went tank, and one of our dps who was building a tank set swapped over for us.  So its a new learning experience for all of us.  But we picked up a disc healer, so very very happy about that 🙂

We have been working on sindragosa, which still proves to be the bane of our existence.  Repeatedly we can get her down to 5-6% before things just fall apart.  Its incredibly heal intensive, and then adding the mechanics in…   Its extremely trying.   I definately feel for the healers on this fight.

but good news is that we are making progress.  On Monday we thought we had her in the bag – but not quite.  The most frustrating of all things happened – the dreaded .01% wipe.   10k health.  We had blown everything at 3%, but we just couldn’t get her.  It was exciting and just a little bit defeating at the same time.  Add the disc priest into the mix, and I think we might just have it.

Anyway, posting will likely remain slow for a bit, but it should pick up again.


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