Pally Role Play…

I am not a big roleplayer.  Well, I should say, I am not a big role player in WoW.  However, my gaming roots do hearken back to the original D&D 2nd edition ruleset.  So, it does run deep.  I do have ideas about how I could role play in WoW, and how that might take its course.

When I think of the paladin class, I actually split them up by their trees.  For example, Ret paladins are the law givers.  They enforce the law to the letter.  They are young, but very wise, yet sometimes naive to the ways of the world.

Prot paladins are the middle aged paladins.  They have dispensed their justice, and are a bit like the father watching over their flocks, being the first one to stand up to fighting, trying to prevent it without having to dispense justice.  They are not afraid to, but would rather not.

Holy paladins are the oldest of the old.  They are as close to being completely in tune with the light as any one person can be.  They are sages, wise and caring.  As they grow old and get ready to leave the world, to be one with the light, they are content with healing, treating the wounded.  These types of paladins are the most likely to charge head long into a sick and stricken plagued city to help the weak and sick.

Which is why I am so excited about the names of our new skills coming through the works in cataclysm.

A new build just hit servers a couple of nights ago, and can I say “The Long Arm Of The Law” is just simply the coolest name out of all of our new skills.  Pillar of Light, Templar’s Verdict, Rule of Law, (newly renamed) Judgement of Truth.  It is these small touches, the naming of our skills, that shows where Blizzard really shines.  Is it just my geeky side, or is anyone else excited about this as well?

Now, to just get “holy power” renamed to something just as epic…


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