Dragon Tattoos Make Good Movies

If you are a fan, at all, of foreign movies….  Well, heck, even if you aren’t a fan of foreign movies, I highly suggest you take the time and effort to watch “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.”  Its a Swedish import, and thus, subtitled.  But if you can stick to it (the subtitles actually do not detract from the movie), this movie is storming the world, and rightfully so.  It is thoughtful, provocative, and one of the few movies that had me guessing right to the end.  (I have not read the books, but really, REALLY want to now).

Yes, I know they are making an American version.  But seriously, sometimes foreign is better.

DISCLAIMER:  This is not a movie for children.  AT ALL.  Also, I have not received any monetary gain from the author/writer/film.  Its just a good movie.

4 Responses to “Dragon Tattoos Make Good Movies”
  1. Jasyla says:

    You should certainly give the book a go. I just read it a couple weeks ago, it was very good and I’m looking forward to reading the next two. I may pick up the movie as well.

  2. theerivs says:

    Sex in it? Yes I’m down.

  3. Lorgrath says:

    Yeah just saw that a few weeks ago, amazing movie. But yeah, not a good movie for children or those offended by violence. Some scenes were definitely cringeworthy.

    I have heard that the second movie, The Girl Who Played With Fire, isn’t nearly as good, but I haven’t watched that yet, so who knows.

  4. Thorsteinn says:

    “Sex in it? Yes I’m down.”

    Er, the scenes (in the book) I remember weren’t sexy at all … they were pretty brutal, much worse than what I remember from the film. Definitely not something to watch (or read) with a full stomach.

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