Serious Topic Needs Serious Linkage

Yes, I have been quiet again this week.  It was intentional, actually.  If you are even remotely involved in the Blog-o-sphere, the last week has been full of thoughtful, and not so thoughtful, conversation on a very important topic – feminism – specifically how it effects men as well as women.  Don’t follow me?  Well, take a gander at the following links:

This Post @ The Mental Shaman Does a Good Job at collecting a bunch.

Take a look at this post by none other than Miss Medicina herself.

Chas @ Righteous Orbs has one of the best thought out posts, along with a followup.

Adam @ Noisy Rogue has some very very controversial points, and I couldn’t help but link this and its followup as well, even if I don’t agree with his points of view AT ALL.

All of the posts are extremely relevant to the topic at hand, but you would be sorely missing out if you didn’t also follow the discussion in the comments of each post.  If nothing else, it may get you thinking about the whole feminism topic in a whole new light.

I have thought long and hard about wether I would weigh in on this discussion or not.  Ultimately, while I have a lot to say on the subject, particularly because I am a male, and I have very strong opinions on the matter, my perspective is…  really best left off the wide internets of yonder.  Not because I am a racial bigot, homophobe, or anything like that, don’t get me wrong.

Perhaps when the topic is broached again, in a few months, I will have the time to fully flesh out a good post like Chas.  But for now, I encourage each and every one of you to take an hour of your life and read the above posts.  If nothing it will get you thinking, perhaps even thinking a bit differently than you did before.  And that, in and of itself, is a major accomplishment.

One Response to “Serious Topic Needs Serious Linkage”
  1. Tam says:

    Srs topic was indeed extremely srs. I’m pretty exhausted from the, err, srs, I have to admit, and all the angry.

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