You Know You Are Working Too Hard When…

Monday Afternoon, 3:00 PM Convo:

Firespirit:  “Hey boss, I need you to sign off on my timesheet.  I lost yesterday’s hours. I’ve tore up my office looking for it, and I cannot freaking find it.”

Boss:  “You worked yesterday?”

F:  “Yes…”

B:  “Are you sure you didnt just write your hours on the previous week’s timesheet?”

F:  “Yes, I just wrote todays hours on it, so that way I wouldn’t lose two days worth of hours.”

B:  “Then you aren’t missing hours.  You just wrote them on this card…”

F:  “Yes, I am.  I am missing yesterdays hours!”

B:  “But you weren’t here yesterday.”

F:  “Stop messing with me man!  I was too.  Remember, you were in all those phone system meetings, and I had to take care of the server hiccup while you were in there?”

B:  “Umm.  That was Friday.”

F:  “…”

B:  “What day did you think it was?”

F:  “Tuesday…  Isn’t today Tuesday?”

B:  “Yeah, no.  It’s Monday.  Yesterday was Sunday.  You weren’t here yesterday…”



Yes, me and my boss are pretty cool with one another 🙂

One Response to “You Know You Are Working Too Hard When…”
  1. theerivs says:

    Tuesday today…see you’re all caught up now.

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