Don’t Miss The Forest Through The Trees

Anthropologically speaking, humans are an insane species.  We fight wars over silly inconsequential things.  We treat each other with such disdain, systematically unwinding ties that bind us together as a species just trying to get through in the wide world.  We segregate ourselves for temporary benefits of material gain, we push away the embrace of … Continue reading

Thursday Randomness: Doldrums, and Economic Confirmation

So the raiding doldrums have hit our guild.  We are currently running 2 10 man runs, Group 1 being more progressed.  Group 1 is stuck at Sindragosa.  It’s extremely frustrating.  Aiding that frustration is that we can only seem to get everyone together one day out of the week.  The second day we have to … Continue reading

If Gear Were A Bit More Like iPods

I love iPods.  I own 4.  Well, technically 2.  But I have 2 iPhones (one the original generation, one a 3g), so they count as iPods as well, right? It’s extremely interesting sitting in a crowded airport terminal watching everyone.  They fidget with this and that, electronic device after electronic device, but the most common … Continue reading

A Little Cleaning, A Little Listening

Alright, alright… I took the time to update my blogroll.  Figuring that there is so much “drama” going around about blogrolls and this and that, let me address it right now, and be done with it.  This is the first, and absolute final time I will ever address this issue. A was very privileged to … Continue reading

A Note On Blogging, And The Blog-O-Sphere

The activation of Operation Gnomeregan (and the corresponding Echo Isles), is the first signal to us, the wonderful fan-base, players, writers, bloggers, that the development team for Cataclysm thinks they are far along enough to start the introductions into the new expansion.  The beta is in high gear, tweaking, testing, churning out theory crafting spreadsheets, … Continue reading

The Journey To Gold Cap: Sell NOW

As most of you know by now, from, Operation Gnomeregan has started.  This means that the dev team thinks that they are far enough along that they can start the Cataclysm pre-launch events. What does this do for your economy?  Well, for a short while, just like the zombie invasion, I am sure key … Continue reading