The Journey To Gold Cap: Sell NOW

As most of you know by now, from, Operation Gnomeregan has started.  This means that the dev team thinks that they are far enough along that they can start the Cataclysm pre-launch events.

What does this do for your economy?  Well, for a short while, just like the zombie invasion, I am sure key supplies are going to be in demand.  Leather, cloth, and such.  Blizz did say that was a way lower lvl toons would be contributing to the cause.

But more importantly – its going to herald guilds to start emptying their guild vaults.  Everything, I mean EVERYTHING high level – enchants, eternals, gems, cloth, EVERYTHING is going to be devalued significantly.  Remember, if you hold any stock, your net worth crashes with the market.  If ya cant sell it, ya can’t get money from it.

So, systematically, over the next few weeks, my advice to you sellers – watch carefully, don’t buy big quantities of anything, and for God sakes, SELL whatever you have.  Gold devalues differently (inflation) than stock does (subject to market fluctuations).  Better to have the gold in your vault than 3 tabs of useless epic gems.

In summary, as always – Buy smart, sell as soon as you can, don’t get your gold locked up in major purchases, if you can help it, and bide your time.  Do a few of those dailies that we so woefully scorn.  And hell, DIVERSIFY.  This is the perfect time to look into other markets, including the aforementioned cloth market.

3 Responses to “The Journey To Gold Cap: Sell NOW”
  1. coup says:

    dont know bout ur server but lot of the outland stuff is worth more than during bc. you just have to wait awhile and not dump everything all at once and stockpiling prof mats might be profitable with ppl leveling up their profession once xpac comes

    • Firespirit says:

      Coup! thanks for taking the time to comment 🙂

      You are absolutely true. But where do epic gems fit into that scheme? Arctic furs? Frozen orbs? Only, and I mean Only, leveling mats will fall into this category, raw ore, some cloths, etc. But I find it a bit of a risk doing this. And it definitely is a LONG term investment, for a lot of bag space.

      • Klepsacovic says:

        Frozen orbs are just a step away from a leveling material, so a prudent buyer could watch for when they absolutely crash, possibly to levels below the eternal prices, and buy them up in anticipation. This would also be a decent way to use badges that weren’t converted to gems (sell them fast!).

        As cheap cloth is found, it’s smart to stockpile a bit, since that’s a market that goes up and down but never away, especially when we’re going to see an alt boom not seen since BC.

        But my money is on solid gold coins, the only surefire protection against inflation.

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