Thursday Randomness: Doldrums, and Economic Confirmation

So the raiding doldrums have hit our guild.  We are currently running 2 10 man runs, Group 1 being more progressed.  Group 1 is stuck at Sindragosa.  It’s extremely frustrating.  Aiding that frustration is that we can only seem to get everyone together one day out of the week.  The second day we have to pug.  And pugging on sindy is…   less than fun.

Group 2 is doing fairly well.  Valrithia and Blood Princes fall pretty regularly.  Though they are still in that awkward “not farm, but not progression” stage.  They also host a 25 man, which a TON of friends from other guilds, as well as our own guild, are invited.  We usually have no problem hosting this once or twice a month.  But last night…  8 people showed.  8.  And we really didn’t feel like pugging, so changed to 10 man.  I guess that is par for the course.  It is pretty late in the expansion.


I had a guildie whisper me yesterday, the following:  “Man, your predictions on the economy were spot on.  Everything has tanked.  Through primordials, though lower, are holding steady.”

The thing is, raiding guilds hold mats of all sorts for their raiders.  These mats stockpile and stockpile over the course of the expansion.  And then, right before the xpack ends, they want to dump the useless mats for gold, which can be used to stockpile new mats come the next expansion.  And there are LOTS of guilds who host MULTIPLE vaults.  SRC, the #1 alliance guild on our server, I personally know hosts 3.  3!!!  And I think that is actually pretty mild compared to some of the other guilds.

So I reiterate – If you are not selling your stuff and biding your time, NOW is the time to do it.  It’s only going to get worse.

And yes, primordials will hold steady for a short while.  They used to be 750-1k depending on normal fluctuations.  They have bottomed out to 500.  I expect they will stay there for just a bit longer, while people pick up last minute saronites to craft the ICC pattens.  But don’t expect it to hold out long.  Honestly, don’t bank on them.


The whole min/maxing topic has come up in the blog o sphere.  I have a bunch of thoughts on it.  I think Larisa probably did the best job of capturing the multiple facets of it.  And deuwowlity did a good job too.  But the big thing that people are simply forgetting is the inherent nature of RPG’s themself.  Ill get a post up on saturday.


Has aggro been a little funky in ICC as of late?  I mean, people are pulling half the room in the first trash mobs of ICC, and they will run… FROM ACROSS the room, and attack us for no reason.  No one was near, no aggro, no screwups, no pats, nothing.  and they aggro through walls too!

I don’t know, just a bit of frustration.


Haste on my little holy priest is juicy.  Really juicy.  But I don’t get to raid with him often, so it’s not like I’m swimming in it.  In fact, I couldn’t bear the slow cast times anymore, and I completely decimated my spirit and int gems on my gear and dumped 100 haste onto my gear through gems.  Then I picked up the DPS chest from frost emblems, which has another 120 haste.  It feels like swimming in water from swimming in molasses, the change is so night and day.  But having to sacrifice so much int and spirit for it just sucked.  But the chest was a major upgrade, so after I chanted and gemmed it, it was a near wash, thankfully.  For a bit, mana was a big concern for me.

2 Responses to “Thursday Randomness: Doldrums, and Economic Confirmation”
  1. Klepsacovic says:

    Ever the contrartrian, I have elected to be too lazy to join the rush to sell, instead waiting for when everything runs out and the completionists start looking around for saronite for the patterns they didn’t buy or primals for the titansteel that they can’t find anymore but need for their mechanohog.

  2. Larísa says:

    It IS late in the expansion, so it’s rather a wonder that you’re still going on.. We have now officially gone on break from the raiding. People are free to organize if they want to and we’re doing a bit of alt raiding, but nothing mandatory. I wonder how long it will be before the next official raid… Still no expansion announced.

    And I’m looking forward to see your take on the GC initiated topic! I think he was unusually thought provoking this time.

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