Sindragosa’s Fall, And 4.0 Class Impressions

As of late, I have been busy outside of all things WoW, reading Blink!, by Malcolm Gladwell.  Why do I bring this up?  Well a few reasons.  First of all, it is a REALLY good book.  It is about the power of snap judgements, and how you can learn to trust them, or distrust them. … Continue reading

Common Ret Rotation Pitfalls & First Impressions

So I am FINALLY all patched up.  I sat for the better part of half hour getting *just* power auras set up, only to have the game crash on me, trashing all the work I had just done.  BLEH!   So glyphed out and reforged, and talented, and…  well, REDO all those dammed auras…   … Continue reading

Patch Day Frustrations

So, I live out in a small town.  It’s a small enough town that not everyone has DSL.  Furthermore, I live on the outskirts of said town.  To say my internet options are limited is an understatement. I pretty much have three options.  I can go the way of dial up, which would be sufficient … Continue reading

L2Ret – 4.0 And You! – The New Paladin Goodness

Welcome Pallies!  4.0 is upon us and we are going to get a major overhaul (again!).  But fear not!  I am here to help guide you back to the top of the DPS meters.  Below is a knock-down drag-out down and dirty guide to what is changing, and how it’s going to effect us.  So … Continue reading

On Busy Times, Missing The Topic, And The State Of The Blog

The State Of The Blog I have always said that I will post on my own schedule, and not someone’s expectations.  This blog is my area to write and have fun, not a second job. And yet, I still feel the pull.  I havent written a post in two weeks?  Ugh, my poor little neglected … Continue reading