On Busy Times, Missing The Topic, And The State Of The Blog

The State Of The Blog

I have always said that I will post on my own schedule, and not someone’s expectations.  This blog is my area to write and have fun, not a second job.

And yet, I still feel the pull.  I havent written a post in two weeks?  Ugh, my poor little neglected blog.  It certainly is not that I don’t have anything to say.  I have plenty to say.  I just don’t have time.

No Time!

In the past week, I have done the following:

  1. Evaluated a laptop for potential use in an upcoming product line
  2. Office politics and drama
  3. Determined that this laptop is completely unsuitable, and killed the line before it even got started, solely on my evaluation report (ugh!)
  4. Evaluated a laptop that was having hardware issues
  5. Office politics and drama
  6. Called (apparently) India to hardware specialists, only to confirm, yes, indeed, it is a hardware issue
  7. Identified a crippling bug in our primary software, and issued an engineering report
  8. Office politics and drama
  9. Assisted in the development of a patch to that crippling bug
  10. Advised sales on how best to deploy said fix
  11. Office politics and drama
  12. Assisted my family, who is planning a “surprise” birthday bash for me
  13. Made “executive decisions” on product design that I didn’t even know I had the power to do…  YAY for more powah! Boo for more responsibility
  14. Office politics and drama
  15. OH!  Did I mention office politics and drama?!?!  OY!

So, yeah.  Busy.  And exhausting.  I get home and all I want to do is sit down with a hot cup of coffee, relax, and play a bit of WoW.  The busy-ness will subside quickly.  The holidays, for our business, are actually VERY slow.  Im surprised that we are actually staying this busy this close to the end of the year.  Guess that’s a good sign?  Not complaining here!  Too many people out of work to be complaining that I have TOO much work, right?  I am wholly thankful that I have what I have.

On The WoW Front

End of the expansion slump has hit, for sure.  Raids are difficult to organize, and even harder to progress.  Hopefully with this patch, we will get a much-needed kick in the rear to make our last charge to LK and get him down.  If not – I have been very happy with my raiding in Wrath.

Personally, I have been going around and cleaning up all the stuff I *should* have done back in BC, but never did.  I.E. – Rep.  Yes, I am an achievement junkie.  And it helps out the pocketbook too 🙂  Those outland greens DE into some quite nice $$.  And Netherweave – oh the Netherweave!  A nice few bags have been had from all that cloth.

But, I finally farmed out Kurenai (actually, once I got into the rhythm of that one, it was quite soothing, in a strange…  masochistic way), and finished Shatari Skyguard.  Love those mounts – and at least on my server, they are still quite rare.  No one ever rides their nether rays.  Oh!  and I got the Cenarian rep mount. Can’t wait for cata to make them all 310’s.  Finished Honor Hold, need Lower City, Keepers of Time, and Sha’Tar left to get my “Burning Crusader” achievement.   After that…  Well, I thought I would NEVER do it…  But, I think I am going to pursue “The Insane.”  I have everything I need, except a rogue, I think.  I can farm up everything, and doing the runs is (obviously) not an issue.  So it looks like I will be abandoning my little shammy work in progress to raise up YET ANOTHER melee.  I really wanted a caster (hence ele shammy), and I’d have one, if I didn’t COMPLETELY and utterly fail at shadow priesting.  I am probably going to keep shadow until after the cata leveling.  After that, I’m strongly pulled toward a Disc offspec.

On Missing The Topic

Even though I have been quiet here, I have been keeping up, reading all the blogs on my blogroll.  There are a fair few topics that I would love to expand on, but I always feel as if I have missed the mark, and waited to long to really participate in the discussion.  Perhaps that is unfounded – good posts speak for themselves – but I feel kinda like THAT GUY who just won’t let a topic die, and move on.  So, for now, those will remain “Drafts.”  One of the good things about that is, when you do have a tight schedule, you can pull out a scrap and clean it up, and post it.

On All Things Paladin

Yes, yes.  First and foremost, this remains a Pally Blog.   And I have been woefully been neglecting that side of it for a while.  Upcoming later this afternoon will be the 4.0 Super Post, with talent spec, glyphs, gems, etc.  Everything previous to this patch will become archived as “Wrath Homeage.”  Fear not rets, I will lead you to the light!  🙂 (pardon the pun, I couldn’t help myself).

One Response to “On Busy Times, Missing The Topic, And The State Of The Blog”
  1. Klepsacovic says:

    Don’t worry, if you wait long enough the discussion is new again. Retro is very trendy.

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