Patch Day Frustrations

So, I live out in a small town.  It’s a small enough town that not everyone has DSL.  Furthermore, I live on the outskirts of said town.  To say my internet options are limited is an understatement.

I pretty much have three options.  I can go the way of dial up, which would be sufficient if I were only doing email and the occasional research project.  But gaming would most definitely be off the table.

I could go the way of satellite internet, which would be fine for browsing, and having a blast on you tube, and such.  But because the satellite is 100+ miles up in the friggin air above me, there is an inherent 1-2k latency.  Turn based games (Civ) would be fine, but anything else is off the table.

OR, I could go the way I currently am, which is to go through the cellphone providers for wireless broadband.

The problem with that is the only wireless carrier worth its salt around here is AT&T.

And you have ALL heard about AT&T’s network issues handling data loads.

AT&T’s solution – rather than actually invest money in upgrading the network’s bandwidth (I really don’t see where they have spent 6 billion in upgrades, honestly), but rather they are strangling the data usage of customers on their network.

I am currently allowed 5 gigs of data, both upload and download, every 30 days.  Do you know how big this last patch was?  Stage 1 – 4.6gb.  Install stage – 100MB.  Final download stage – 1.5 GB.

Do you see the problem with that math?  Yeah, it is more than my entire month’s allotment of data.

So, Im going to do a bit of ranting here.

Listen, I understand the purpose of this new launcher.  It’s a great service.  Awesome in fact.  This kind of technology, dare I say it, is actually a bit revolutionary.

*BUT*   Why did it have to be deployed as a download?   While watching the files being updated and copied and moved and such, you do realize that we basically downloaded an entirely new client.  PLUS the patch.

I’m sorry blizz, but me personally, and a lot of other people with high data restrictions just don’t think its worth it.  And to boot – we can only download the 4.7gb first stage from the background downloader.  And even then, it wasnt even up very long on the downloader before the actual patch hit.  The last stage – the 1.5GB – is only available through the launcher downloader (currently).  It’s quite annoying to have to spend HOURS at the local starbucks to download it all, AND THEN find out you have to spend MORE time downloading.

In the future blizz, PLEASE PLEASE consider this before patching.  Only release the dammed client when a physical CD ships.

One Response to “Patch Day Frustrations”
  1. Larísa says:

    That sounds SO frustrating. Not sure if you can catch their attention but I feel for you.


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