Common Ret Rotation Pitfalls & First Impressions

So I am FINALLY all patched up.  I sat for the better part of half hour getting *just* power auras set up, only to have the game crash on me, trashing all the work I had just done.  BLEH!   So glyphed out and reforged, and talented, and…  well, REDO all those dammed auras…   Two hours later I was in a group for the weekly – XT-002 for us, yay!

I may actually be in the minority of people here…  and don’t shoot me…  but…  I actually like almost all of the changes to the pally rotation.  *GASP*  Yes, I know, I am a traitor.

Look at it this way – for Pre-4.0 I was literally just mashing buttons as furiously as I could.  There was never a time when I wasn’t smashing a button.  It got pretty frantic.  Twitch timing was… not so fun.  And now, I have time to look at the battle field and do some other things.  It’s…  Quite fun, actually.  Oh, it will take some getting used to.  and I have issues with it – OMG, can we do something other than crusader strike sometimes, PLEASE? – but overall, much more satisfied with it.  It feels a bit like the old BC rotation where we had to judge and re-apply a seal every time we judged.  Judge – Seal…  4.0 is CS – something else – CS again.

As for DPS.  Well, I wasn’t around before GC made adjustments to us.  But, I can say right now – my single target is better than it ever has been.  I pulled an EASY 10.6k DPS on XT last night, even with my fumbling and getting used to it, WITHOUT blowing any cooldowns, whatsoever.  I am sorry, but after hanging around 6k dps single target, I feel a bit… OP.

Can’t really tell you how trash goes. XT doesn’t have a lot of trash. And the trash that was there was dying too fast.  The mobs never even got a chance to spawn that annoying bubble shield.  They went SPLAT.

So anyway, just wanted to get in here and point out a few pitfalls that you may encounter as you are trying to fine tune your rotation:

  • NEVER EVER hit Templar’s Verdict before you have 3 HP.  It’s just a waste of the HP and your DPS
  • To that end – Find a better way to track your holy power.  Don’t rely on blizzard’s default ui.  It is all nice and neat and compact.  But that is the problem.  Its way up in the upper left of your screen.  When do you ever look there?   NEVER, that’s when.  I use Power Auras – but that is not the only one out there that will do it.  Find one, mod it to your liking, and USE IT.
  • If you find yourself searching for something to do, DON’T just randomly start pressing buttons.  I know – the past two years have ingrained that mentality into you.  You need to cast that aside.
  • Do not use exorcism without AoW proc.  You should never CAST anything for your DPS rotation.  #1 because you will drop in DPS – the cast timer resets your swing timer and locks you out of your other moves – #2 because, if god forbid there is an interrupt, you will be stuck standing there with nothing to do for 6 seconds.  Really wanna see your dps tank?  Then do that.  Cast to your heart’s content.

I am actually currently not having any mana issues whatsoever.  We did XT last night, and I never fell below half unless I got the (rare) opportunity to cast consecrate.

Anyone else have tips?

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5 Responses to “Common Ret Rotation Pitfalls & First Impressions”
  1. Klepsacovic says:

    The hotfix made a huge huge difference. I was trying it earlier and wow, it was bad. I do like it, but as you said, it takes a lot of mental retraining. And I need some simple way to track HP. I’m hoping to find some small, simple addon to just move the HP bar.

    • vespers says:

      If you ever decide to try out clcret’s successor, clcinfo (I didn’t use it in wrath but decided I might as well at least give it a go with a new rotation), it has a function of moving the holy power bar, defaulting to under the main icon, but you can put it wherever you want.

      Like Fire however, I use Power Auras to track my power.

  2. vespers says:

    Impression so far; I haven’t dpsed anything single-target properly that wasn’t a dummy except Patchwerk, and a) I misjudged threat and died in that fight so my numbers are way off and b) it was pre-buffage anyway.

    AOE however, main impression; it takes ages to build up to a DS even with a hasted CS (mine’s almost at 3s now), it is very unlike our happy-go-lucky 2p-proccing aoe-fests of.. last week. Pop Zealotry on cooldown on trash as soon as your tanks have aggro and you should do okay however.

    I’m disappointed mostly not in the basic rotation.. it works.. but in the RNG. Personally, I think they should, for starters, nerf Divine Purpose to 10, maybe 15% and balance us around that. Oh, and change our mastery completely. Then they might have achieved their stated basic goals for the class.

    • Firespirit says:

      You know, thats funny Vespers, because I was kinda feeling the complete opposite. Ill write more about it this afternoon, but honestly, I HATE the fact that every three seconds, I have no choice but to hit CS. I would like to see a longer cooldown CS, and a slightly higher gain of HP from the other sources. Maybe I am just feeling a little bored with the rotation.

      • vespers says:

        Oh yeah well that’d work too.. as long as it didn’t make us even more dependant on RNG. Remember how the poor oomkins griped all through wrath?

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