The Origin Of Currency

If we truly want to understand an economy, and manipulate it (if you can even truly do that) to our gain we need to start at the bottom.  No, I’m not talking tips and tricks.  Tips and tricks are great.  They can get you in and making some quick and easy cash.  But sometimes, a … Continue reading

Where in the world has Firespirit been?

I have actually never left. Well, the game that is. You see, near the end of LK, I was suffering from a major case of burnout. I was raiding 10+ hours a week, five days a week. It was almost like a second job. Let me put this in perspective for you. Imagine not being … Continue reading


Testing for reboot… Cata installed….. Passes New computer (that actually can handle a fully populated Dala… Er.. Stormwind)….. Passes Ideas for new posts….. Passes Handle on ret mechanics….. Passes Handle on AH tactics….. Passes Lvl 85 toon….. FAIL Wait, what?!?! Full reboot of Lightsfury coming. Stay tuned!