Where in the world has Firespirit been?

I have actually never left. Well, the game that is.

You see, near the end of LK, I was suffering from a major case of burnout. I was raiding 10+ hours a week, five days a week. It was almost like a second job.

Let me put this in perspective for you. Imagine not being able to just pick up and go out to dinner one night with your family. Imagine not being able to go out with friends on Friday night. Imagine, for that matter, having to schedule the time you spend with your irl friends around your raid schedule. No movies. And endless grinding of mats for your raiding limits the little free time you have in game to do other things like play alts. (Consequently, his very issue is what made me turn to the ah for profit.)

Not a very appealing place to be is it?

Yeah… I knew I had burnout for a very long time. I just didn’t really know how bad.  So, when cata launched I eschewed almost all WoW web info. That included my blog, and many of the blogs that I hold in the highest esteem. Cold turkey.

Oh that’s not to say I haven’t missed y’all. I did miss this. The writing to you, my own little piece of the interwebz. No, I contemplated coming back many times. But. But. But.

But, I wasn’t ready. For someone who had just practically gained back my freedom, I wasn’t ready to commit to anything. Not to mention that I was… Am… Quite busy irl too.

So what have I been up to? Well, I haven’t cut WoW out completely. I just haven’t been raiding. Hell, I don’t even have a max lvl toon. Both my main, and my priest, are only lvl 83. My DK tank is still 81.  On average I have been lvling on them less than 4 hrs a week.

That’s not to say I haven’t been playing wow. Fire maxed his jc before he even dinged 81. And I have been a nonstop, constant force in the ah market. I have a lvl 14 worgen. I just dinged 74 (up from 65 at the start of cata) on my shammy. I did manage to eek out one dungeon, Blackrock Depths. But I have refused to commit to anything. And WoW no longer holds me hostage. It is rather liberating to be able to show up late to dinner because work ran long and not have to choke down my food for commitments to a game, that while I love, is still just a game.

So, at the request of someone very close to me, I have reconsidered my blog. My blog will remain a mishmash of posts, a personal journal of opinions and reactions to the devs, thoughts about topics roving the blog o sphere, retribution mechanics, and most of all ah tactics.

On the l2ret front I will be releasing the guide as soon as possible. I have been asked for guidance in game by several people so I know it is much needed.

The ah side of things will be kind of retooled. I’m going to build the concepts of economy from the ground up, and how it applies to/effects the ah game in wow.

But I will not likely post more than once a week. Sometimes less than that. Sometimes more. I make no commitments in that respect.

Internets, it has been one hell of a fun ride thus far. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

2 Responses to “Where in the world has Firespirit been?”
  1. Klepsacovic says:

    Best of luck to you. I predict you’ll be happier with your flexibility and freedom.

  2. Tam says:

    Welcome back! And I would very much appreciate a l2ret post, since I have been carving up Outland with a cricket bat!

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