How Connected Does A Blogger Have To Be?

Blogging, by definition, is a very social venture.  The blogger writes on a topic that they think their audience is not only interested in, but interested in hearing their opinions on the subject matter.  The audience is then, if not expected (it seems to me a selfish venture to expect people to comment on what I write), at least “wanted” to, for lack of a better phrase, comment on said opinions.  Thus, a conversation is born that can go on for a long while, each camp chatting back and forth, until either SPAM or time forces the topic closed.  Then the next topic is opened.

In the past 4 months that I have eschewed all things blogging, I have avoided all contact with my blogroll.  Google reader has been spamming me with alerts that I would shove off into a folder marked “later.”  When I finally decided to come back to the keyboard, and looked at my reader I had well over 500 posts that I stared at like mount everest looming over me.  After making an honest attempt at reading them all (I got down to about 425), I realized this was a venture that was never going to come to fruition.  As fast as I could read them, you guys could produce them.  Admitting defeat, my cursor loomed over the “mark all as read” button.  How many great topics would I miss?  How many sad goodbyes, how many hearty hello’s, how many conflicts, disagreements, how many celebrations was I going to miss?

Needless to say, I hesitated.

If its one thing that us bloggers are addicted to, its conversation.  Disagreements, agreements, tangents, it doesn’t matter.  Verbose, eloquent, simple, straight to the point, it doesn’t matter.  We soak it up.  And that is true for me as well.

So, I headed off to a few other blogs, wanting to soak in some more before saying goodbye to it all.  I found and read Tamarind’s goodbye post from Righteous Orbs (I stand by my statement, Tam, that you are welcome to guest post here as often as you’d like!), Amber’s post on Frostheim’s antics, Typhoon Andrew’s laugh at a gold beggar….   The list goes on forever.  I was a bit melancholy over how much I have missed, and what I have to say about it.

And I thought back to the big Sexism debate of ’10 and now so many bloggers were involved.  And I realized that these connections, these conversations happen all the time.  Most times on a smaller scale.  A few bloggers will go back and forth, on a topic before it dies down.  Sometimes it gets picked up by more than just a few bloggers, and it explodes into a whole event/ordeal.

And then I navigate over to Larisa’s site, and notice that (as is appropriate), I fell off her blogroll.  She has a rule that you must post on a certain schedule, and be something that she reads, to remain on her blogroll – neither of which I was meeting.  While I was there I read one of Tam’s recent guest posts, where, among other things, he touched on blog size.  And I can’t help but look at my own, rather deflated readership numbers, and think – Are my ideas getting out there? Are my ideas good enough to break through a barrier of readership, if there is one?  Will my ideas, opinions, ever reach across the Blog-O-Sphere in the nets of other’s blog readers? Does it even matter?

If I only have 1 reader, is it worth blogging?

How do you define a “successful” blog?

These are questions that each blogger has to answer for her/himself.

Surely if there is such a thing as a “spectrum of being a dick” that tam has thoroughly convinced me there is, in his more than 4,000 word treatsie on the subject, there is a spectrum of success as well.

One thing I do know is that as I was perusing Larisa’s archives, rather than my reader, it reminded me of how fun it is to read through someone else’s musings, and see how the conversation flows through the Blog-O-Sphere.  How fun it is to see other ideas, opinions, that I had myslef and didn’t take the time to write.  And it gives me the itch to write.

I may not be as connected as I once was.  But I am glad I am back.

4 Responses to “How Connected Does A Blogger Have To Be?”
  1. Klepsacovic says:

    Welcome back.

    I define successful as “what I define as success.” Only circular logic can fully circumscribe the possibilities. One day it might be having any readers, one day it might be having X arbitrary number, one day it might be comments, links back, or just having written at all.

  2. Ophelie says:

    Welcome back! It’s great to see you writing again!

    As for success, success is when you meet your goals, or when you get closer to your goals.

    The moment when I decided I was successful? When I wrote a paper for class with ease and got excellent feedback on my wording and style.

    Since my goal was to get over my struggling with writing, reader count didn’t matter. Reader count was more like tool- knowing that people read and enjoyed my writing boosted my confidence and motivation which helped me move toward my goal.

  3. Gronthe says:

    Success can only be defined by the individual, in your case, you. Funny thing, since reading Tam’s farewell post, something he said in it actually has stopped me from writing. I know I’ll start up again because for me, I blog to get things out of my mind and off my chest. If one person reads it, it’s a success. If one person comments, it’s a huge success. If I can connect with one person in the whole world, it’s a glorious success.

    I’ve had a plethora of posts that nobody ever looks at, and a couple that a few thousand have. I have no idea why. But like you say, I’m additcted to conversation, even if that conversation is with me, myself and I. I read your stuff because there’s something about it that I connect with. Welcome back.

  4. Larísa says:

    Welcome back! Yes, I have a two-month limit. I’m happy to put you back on the roll though! I’ve missed you!

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