Why Tanking Stats Will Never Matter

Woo hoo! Ghostcrawler is back… Sort of. As we all know blizz had moved to a developer blog method as the primary contact with the developers, in lieu of posting in the forums. Today Ghostcrawler posted in a new type of blog post that promises to give the players a peek into the dev process … Continue reading


A few minutes ago, those of you with feed readers will notice I posted a partial draft of a post.  It is in a terribly unfinished state, so those of you who are awesome enough to subscribe to my blog get a little peek into my writing process 🙂  Sufficed to say, that had wordpress … Continue reading

Understanding The Concept Of Value

If I were to ask you, “How much is a Bold Inferno Ruby worth?” what would you reply?  I bet that of all my commenters you will find a gold spread of 80-130g.  But it’s not the actual number that I am interested in.  In fact, I am interested in the fact that you responded … Continue reading

Lamenting On The Death Of Uniqueness

This week we have seen a few things crop up on the PTR. We of course have seen the new heroics, ZG and ZA. ZG was my first ever raid, even if not done as a proper raid. As such, it holds a special spot in my gaming memory. But I can’t help but help … Continue reading